Sunstone Credit Announces Express Loan for Quick and Easy Small Business Solar Financing

New offering will expedite the application process for loans under $250,000

NEW YORK, Feb. 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sunstone Credit, Inc., a commercial solar loan platform that helps businesses switch to clean energy, today announced a new loan product: Express Loan. With the new offering, Sunstone makes the application process for small business solar loans under $250,000 faster, simpler, and easier.

Despite the myriad advantages of solar energy, most small businesses struggle to secure loans for their solar systems. They typically have to pay cash, use more cumbersome financing options, or in the worst case scenario, give up and forgo solar entirely. Express Loan gives millions of small businesses across the country even faster and easier access to solar financing.

“Solar energy has traditionally been out of reach for small businesses. It requires a significant cash outlay and traditional banks don’t know how to underwrite the loans,” said Chan Tai, VP of Credit Automation at Sunstone. “Sunstone makes solar accessible to small businesses by providing quick and easy financing options that are often cheaper than what businesses are paying for their existing utility bills. With Express Loan, businesses will have faster access to Sunstone financing, accelerating their transition to solar energy and savings.”

Express Loan makes going solar a breeze for small businesses in the following ways:

  • Easier application: Applying for an Express Loan online requires just a few minutes and less paperwork compared to a traditional loan. Customers can skip the hours-long trip to the local bank.
  • Simpler process: Loans can be approved quickly and don’t have to go through multiple stakeholders or layers of approval.
  • Faster savings: Faster approval means customers can move forward with their solar project more quickly, and start saving money and the planet with clean, green energy.

The Express Loan is available to commercial customers of Sunstone’s approved installation partners. Businesses that qualify are for-profit and property companies that have been in business for three years or longer or have co-signers who own the property.

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Sunstone Credit is on a mission to democratize access to solar for businesses of all sizes. Sitting at the intersection of climate, finance and technology, Sunstone has built a best-in-class technology platform and partnered with leading financial institutions and a national network of solar developers to provide business borrowers access to simple, affordable and easy-to-understand solar loan products with flexible terms and a streamlined application process. When commercial customers go solar using Sunstone’s products, they save money and reduce their carbon footprint, driving a clean, green future for all. Learn more at

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