Canadians shatter records with nearly 6 million kilograms of batteries recycled in 2023

Call2Recycle celebrates 2023 recycling milestone as “best year yet”

TORONTO, Feb. 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In celebration of National Battery Day (February 18), Call2Recycle, Canada’s leading battery collection and recycling program, announces that over 5.8 million kilograms of used batteries were diverted from Canadian landfills in 2023. This marks the program's ‘best year yet’, surpassing 45 million kilograms of batteries recycled since its inception in 1997.

The 2023 collection results set a new benchmark for battery recycling in Canada, reflecting the growing awareness of the importance of proper disposal. In provinces where battery recycling is mandated, including British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Prince Edward Island, Canadians played a pivotal role in driving a strong 32% year-over-year increase.

2023 provincial collection highlights: 

  • British Columbia achieved 11% year-over-year growth with over 954,000 kgs collected.
  • Saskatchewan, also in its third year of program operation, increased its results by 18% with over 121,000 kgs collected and recycled. 
  • Manitoba recorded almost 206,000 kgs collected, a 34% year-on-year increase, which contributed to over 1 million kilograms of used batteries diverted since the provincial program launched in 2011. 
  • Ontario, in its third year of program operation, achieved double-digit collection growth with an almost 58% overall increase year-over-year. 
  • Quebec exceeded provincial collection targets again with over 1.8 million kgs collected and recycled, a 29% year-over-year increase.
  • Prince Edward Island collected and recycled over 45,000 kgs, a 7% increase across the province.

"We are thrilled to see such strong engagement from Canadians in their battery recycling efforts,” said Joe Zenobio, President, Call2Recycle Canada. “As we celebrate our most successful year yet, we recognize that this volume of batteries recycled – and the difference it makes for our environment – cannot happen without the commitment of our members, industry stakeholders, collection partners, consumers, and team, whose collective efforts have made this achievement possible. We look forward to continuing to work with all our partners to safely and responsibly collect and recycle even more batteries across Canada, including in new segments such as electric vehicles and electric personal transport, in 2024 and beyond.” 

With 92% of Canadians living within 15 kilometres of a Call2Recycle drop-off location, participating in the nationwide battery recycling program is convenient. Simply collect, protect, and drop off batteries at over 12,000 locations, including retail stores, municipalities, businesses, schools/universities, and government buildings. 

With National Battery Day on February 18, a day to appreciate the role batteries play in powering our daily lives, Call2Recycle reminds Canadians of the positive impacts associated with responsible disposal when batteries reach their end-of-life. You can make every day National Battery Day by properly recycling your batteries, which not only diverts materials from landfills but also mitigates the risk of fires and ensures that rare metals are reclaimed, contributing to the circular economy. For more information about Call2Recycle or to locate the nearest drop-off site, visit

About Call2Recycle Canada, Inc.

Call2Recycle® is Canada’s leading organization for battery collection and recycling, fulfilling product stewardship obligations on behalf of over 400 members, including producers of single-use and rechargeable batteries. Call2Recycle powers Recycle Your Batteries, Canada!, its household and e-bike battery collection and recycling program. The organization operates provincially-approved programs in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island. It also functions as a registered Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) in Ontario, adhering to the Ontario Batteries Regulation. It offers collection and recycling services for household batteries (weighing up to 5 kg), as well as e-transport batteries used to power e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, hoverboards, and Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Since its inception in 1997, Call2Recycle has diverted over 45 million kilograms of batteries from Canadian landfills. It upholds its commitment to operating the highest quality battery recycling program in Canada and holds certification in the most rigorous and globally respected standards, including R2v3, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, as well as exclusively contracting with an ISO 27001 certified supplier for all IT infrastructure management. This reputation for excellence has enabled Call2Recycle to maintain trusted, long-term relationships with stakeholders and establish a network of more than 12,000 participating collection locations across Canada, including at leading retailers and municipal facilities.

Charles-Antoine Dubois, Bilingual Corporate Communications Manager, Call2Recycle Canada 
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