Appeal of judgement by Swedish city court

Company announcement no. 3/2024

Reference is made to the judgement rendered by the Swedish city court on 24 January 2024 in favour of Columbus in which it was concluded that the company M3CS AB and its founders had acted unlawfully and were liable to pay damages and costs to Columbus in the range of SEK 43-45m. Please see company announcement no. 2/2024 for further information on the judgement.

The judgement has been appealed by Columbus as well as M3CS AB and its founders, and at the appeal case Columbus will pursue the original claim of approx. SEK 70m in full.

Columbus will revert once judgement is rendered by the Swedish court of appeal. 

Ib Kunøe                        Søren Krogh Knudsen
Chairman of the Board    CEO & President

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CEO & President, Søren Krogh Knudsen, +45 70 20 50 00