fullthrottle.ai Secures Second Patent to Power Unrivaled Attribution Insights for Audio and Video Advertising

New attribution solution connects business outcomes to media investments

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FullThrottle Technologies, LLC, an end-to-end, first-party data-powered technology company that helps marketers identify, target, and measure audiences in a privacy-focused manner, announced today the receipt of its second patent protecting technology that enables marketers to connect impression delivery to media attribution. The patent fortifies fullthrottle.ai’s already robust product portfolio, powering Smart Impression Predictor, an advanced methodology for probabilistically linking media campaign impressions to user browser sessions and enhancing the precision of media attribution. This announcement follows the recent launch of SafeMatch™, fullthrottle.ai’s easy-to-use household level attribution solution, the effectiveness of which will now be significantly enhanced by the new patent.

The newly patented technology strengthens fullthrottle.ai’s approach to attribution measurement by determining the probability of a user’s browser session being influenced by specific media campaign impressions. This innovative approach, focusing on the intersection of audio and video media exposure with consumer behavior, produces an all-encompassing picture of how consumers respond to marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, enabling business outcomes to be tied to media exposure with hyperlocal zip-level intelligence.

Using fullthrottle.ai’s Smart Impression Predictor™, buyer journey data and media logs are analyzed to deliver actionable insights for optimizing media investments and measuring against transactional sales results. Every website session for each aggregated household set in the fullthrottle.ai platform is evaluated by date and time of browsing session, influencing referral channel, and zip code. From these analytics, a probabilistic connection between media exposure and website action is created. Transactional data can then be securely matched to the aggregated household audience in the fullthrottle.ai ecosystem, giving businesses the ability to delve deeper into the nuances of campaign impact on business outcomes.

Amol Waishampayan, Chief Product Officer at fullthrottle.ai, emphasized the importance of this development, stating, “Our attribution solution, which is now powered by patented technology, is focused on business outcomes, determining the impact of audio and video advertising on household behavior and action. This represents a major step forward in our ability to provide actionable insights to our clients, particularly small and medium businesses, who want to maximize the return on their media investments. We are confident that this new technology will transform the way media impact is measured and optimized.” 

Rob Klippel, Senior Vice President of Product, Technology and Operations at Spectrum Reach, said, “Spectrum Reach helped pioneer the use of data-driven targeting and measurement at scale in multiscreen television. Our relationship with fullthrottle.ai has enhanced our outcome and attribution solutions, and their new patented technology will take it to the next level.”

The new patent is an integral part of fullthrottle.ai's broader strategy to provide sophisticated, first- party data-driven solutions, future-proofed for a cookieless future and the signal loss marketers face going forward. The patent will enhance the company's ability to offer precise and effective attribution methods, crucial for brands who want to understand and maximize the impact of their advertising efforts. 

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