Resonance Consultancy Reveals Europe’s Best Cities for 2024

The global place branding adviser today announced Europe’s 100 top-performing cities in their annual 2024 Europe's Best Cities Report. London tops the ranking, while multiple Italian and Spanish cities make the Top 10.

LONDON, March 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Resonance is a leading adviser in tourism, real estate and economic development, and its annual Europe's Best Cities rankings quantify and benchmark the relative quality of place, reputation and competitive identity for the continent's urban centres.

The Best Cities data is lauded as the world's most thorough annual city rankings, based on original methodology that analyses key statistics, user-generated reviews, social media and online activity.

The second annual Europe’s Best Cities ranking is an important, timely analysis of the urban centres that are leading the region (and planet) in post-pandemic economic recovery and a resilient future in the face of geo-political and environmental polycrisis.

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”The 2024 Europe’s Best Cities rankings benchmark the overall performance of more than 180 principal cities in metropolitan areas with populations of more than 500,000, based on a wide variety of measures, in order to identify the Top 100 places to live, visit and invest in Europe,” says Resonance President & CEO Chris Fair.

The overall Best Cities rankings are determined by analysing the performance of each city for a wide range of factors that have historically shown positive correlations with attracting employment, investment and/or visitors to cities. Resonance groups these 27 metrics into a ranking of each city’s Livability, Lovability and Prosperity.

Based on each city's performance across our methodology, these are Europe's Top 10 Best Cities for 2024:

1. London, United Kingdom
2. Paris, France
3. Berlin, Germany
4. Rome, Italy
5. Madrid, Spain
6. Prague, Czechia
7. Barcelona, Spain
8. Amsterdam, Netherlands
9. Istanbul, Türkiye
10. Milan, Italy

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2024 Europe's Best Cities Report 2024 Europe's Best Cities Report

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