J9 has partnered with the FIBA to create an exciting event for the women's basketball Qualifiers for the Paris 2024

Manila, March 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In February 2024, China, Brazil, Belgium and Hungary continuously held women's basketball qualifiers for the Paris Olympic Games. This important event is not only an important battle for the women's basketball players to get Olympic tickets, but also a great event that basketball fans around the world look forward to.About competition of the Paris Olympic Games, FIBA's official global partner J9 has played an important role in bringing basketball to more fans, adding a lot of highlights and vitality to the event.


In the stadium, J9 not only met the audience's expectations for a high-quality watching experience, but also held many interesting activities. Through its privileged resources, J9 upgraded some lucky spectators to gold VIP seats for free, allowing them to experience the passion and shock of the game up close. In addition, the wonderful performance of the J9 dance company also added unique charm and vitality to the arena, allowing fans to immerse in the carnival of basketball. These activities not only enrich the atmosphere in the arena,give spectators a unforgettable experience, but also let they have more love to basketball.


The J9 is not only excellent on the field, but also active off the field. In a very creative way, they built a landscape activity area full of Tang Dynasty style in Xi 'an, the ancient capital of China, attracting many fans to come to punch a card. Fans can not only enjoy the unique landscape, but also participate in various basketball games and feel the charm of basketball culture. In Brazil, J9 prepared a cool and dynamic game area for local fans and presented exquisite gifts, which were warmly welcomed by local fans. Both Chinese and Brazilian fans have enthusiastically participated in J9's activities and praised their creativity and enthusiasm. Through these activities, J9 has successfully created a strong basketball cultural atmosphere and let fans feel the charm of basketball.


The cooperation between J9 and FIBA not only brings more exciting peripheral activities for basketball fans, but also adds a different kind of fun to the qualifiers. This successful cooperation has added a strong ink to the prelude of the Paris Olympic Games and injected new vitality into the global development of basketball.

In the future, we wait in hope:J9 and FIBA will continue to work together to bring more exciting event experiences to basketball fans and witness the brilliant moment of basketball together. J9 will continue to uphold the concept of "bringing fans closer to the game" and is committed to creating more memorable basketball feasts for basketball fans around the world.


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