Corpus Christi College (UBC Vancouver Campus) Now Accepting CDI College Credits

Vancouver, BC, March 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CDI College, a leading provider of career-focused education in Canada, has partnered with Corpus Christi College, located on the University of British Columbia University (UBC) campus, to allow students to further their post-secondary education.

CDI College students in the Business and Digital Marketing Management program can choose to continue their education at Corpus Christi College to pursue an Associate of Arts degree. The partnership extends to domestic and international students. International students are eligible to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit following completion of the Associate of Arts degree. This is the first articulation agreement that Corpus Christi College has signed with CDI College.

“This partnership highlights the strength of both educational institutions and is the perfect blend of academic programming for future students,” says Amanda Cabrera, Associate Vice President, Academics at CDI College.

“With hands-on career training from CDI College and an academic degree from Corpus Christi College, students will be better equipped for today’s competitive job market,” Mrs. Cabrera shared. Dr. Emil Canlas, Registrar of Corpus Christi College, emphasized “This agreement will assist young people in achieving their academic goals.”

Both parties celebrated the articulation agreement in a signing ceremony on March 4, 2024, at the Corpus Christi – St. Mark’s College campus. Dr. Gerry Turcotte, President and Principal of Corpus Christi College said that both institutions can be proud for having made this agreement a reality.

“We have found common ground in our mission to provide excellent education to our students,” says Dr. Turcotte. The president of CDI College, a subsidiary of Primacorp Ventures Inc., Yul Kim, reminded the audience during the signing ceremony: “This partnership is just the first step on our way to improving students’ educational experience.” Both parties are already working on opening the pathway agreement to more programs to support students in their aspiring journey to extend their education.

Students at Corpus Christi College can access many services on the UBC campus, including transit passes, the UBC libraries and the Dr. John Micallef Memorial Library, health and dental plans, and much more.

The agreement was signed by Amanda Cabrera and Yul Kim from CDI College, and Dr. Gerry Turcotte and Dr. Emil Canlas from Corpus Christi College.


CDI College has been a prominent provider of career-focused education in Canada for over 50 years. CDI College has been committed to preparing students for rewarding careers and offers various programs in multiple disciplines. CDI College empowers students to achieve academic and professional goals by fostering a supportive and interactive learning environment.

Corpus Christi College is a not-for-profit liberal arts college on the University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver, Canada. It is a Jesuit-endorsed institution, sharing in a rich 2000-year-old intellectual tradition with Catholic institutions around the world. The campus offers dedicated staff, faculty, and student support programs to ensure students build connections that benefit them academically, socially, and professionally.


Andre Souza

CDI College


Corpus Christi College (UBC Vancouver Campus) Now Accepting CDI College Credits

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