New Meme Leaders Emerge From Upcoming Base Chain

Amsterdam,Netherlands, March 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This press release, represented by based Brett, marks a significant announcement in the world of cryptocurrency. Crypto has surged back into the spotlight, captivating families worldwide and dominating dinner table conversations. With Bitcoin smashing through all-time highs, ETF approvals flooding in, and notable gains leaving even seasoned Blackrock managers astonished, the excitement is palpable.

The big exchanges are no exception when it comes to finding a position. Coinbase, the leading regulatory exchange in crypto, rolled out Basechain in 2023 and earlier this week announced their new smart wallet and ambitions to onboard over one billion users on chain.

Naturally retail has flocked back to the game, especially to well-known memecoin leaders like DOGE, SHIBA, WIF, PEPE, and FLOKI. All listed on Binance, all performing well this run.

As one of the giants of crypto, speculation on what name will lead the Coinbase’s Basechain has been strong so far this March with BRETT, a meme created by Matt Furie - the same designer as PEPE - due to its resonance with the ‘crypto degen culture’. Any doubters of that culture need to look no further than PEPE to see its power.

PEPE has recently gone from 300M to 3.5BN, WIF 200M to 3BN with a Binance listing.

The untapped potential for a meme leader on Basechain is beaming with BRETT hitting 200M this first week of March. First leader + new chain is a potential recipe for another name to be added to the list of meme legends of the crypto space. Traders and retail have begun speculating that BRETT could make a similar move to PEPE and WIF and legacy markets and institutional money doesn’t seem to disagree—plenty of volume for all.

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