South Shore Children’s Chorus Receives the SBB Research Group Foundation Grant

CHICAGO, March 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- South Shore Children’s Chorus received a $5,000 grant from the SBB Research Group Foundation, which awards monthly grants to support impactful organizations.

The South Shore Children's Chorus (SSCC) is a harmonious symbol of musical education and vocal training, serving as a sanctuary for children in Quincy, MA, and beyond. Established in January 2016 by Kirsten Oberoi and Carey Shunskis, this choir is a testament to the belief that each child should have the chance to explore and utilize their distinct voice.

Devoted to cultivating a community centered on the joy of singing, the SSCC aims to provide exceptional musical education and vocal training to students in the South Shore communities. The chorus places a premium on the development and well-being of its students, striving to create a nurturing environment where choristers can learn, evolve, and discover their voices.

The SSCC ensures that every child in grades K-12, regardless of financial circumstances, can partake in learning to use their voice. "We envisioned an inclusive space where children could join without prior experience. Singing, a skill we firmly believe is teachable, becomes a source of confidence and self-belief without needing auditions. Our doors are always open, inviting all to discover the transformative power of music," said Kirsten Oberoi, Founding Artistic Director.

Through its programs, the SSCC transformed into more than just a choir; it evolved into a community center that nurtures the growth of young minds. Consistent with its mission, the SSCC strongly emphasizes inclusivity, aiming to foster a supportive community where children can freely express themselves. The chorus serves as a counterbalance to economic obstacles, guaranteeing that no child is deprived of the opportunity to explore music and self-expression.

“The South Shore Children's Chorus brings much joy to children’s lives, and we are honored to support them,” said Matt Aven, co-founder and board member of the SBB Research Group Foundation.

Committed to delivering quality musical education and vocal training, the chorus is a vital and commendable service for the children it serves, establishing an environment where they can learn, thrive, and discover their voices.

About the SBB Research Group Foundation

The SBB Research Group Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that furthers the philanthropic mission of SBB Research Group LLC (SBBRG), a Chicago-based investment management firm led by Sam Barnett, Ph.D., and Matt Aven. The Foundation provides grants to support ambitious organizations solving unmet needs with thoughtful, long-term strategies. In addition, the Foundation sponsors the SBBRG STEM Scholarship, which supports students pursuing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics degrees.


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