Centra Windows Pioneers Innovative Approach to Save Clients Millions on Major Projects

National Building Code amendments unlock huge cost-saving opportunities for renovations and new-builds

EDMONTON, Alberta, March 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Building Code of Canada is changing. Centra Windows is leading the charge in leveraging these updates, saving millions of dollars for one of their partners in Edmonton through game-changing solutions.

The company is currently undertaking a transformative project on a 22-storey residential tower located on Edmonton's Jasper Avenue. “The building was originally constructed in 2005,” Greg Martineau, Director of Centra Projects Alberta, explains. “Its aging metal-clad wood windows didn’t hold up well in the city’s winters, and the building owners wanted something better for their residents.” The owners turned to Centra in their search for superior alternatives – a move which led to enormous cost savings.

Centra’s experts, with their thorough understanding of the new edition of the National Building Code, were aware of a groundbreaking update that allowed for the installation of combustible windows in certain non-combustible openings. This innovative approach allowed them to present the clients with three proposals: Non-combustible aluminum windows, combustible fiberglass windows at a price point $2 million lower, and combustible vinyl windows at a price point $3.3 million lower.

This was not a simple calculation of cost differences based on frame material – Centra’s team undertook meticulous due diligence. Their in-house engineering team collaborated with a fire safety specialist, who had experience with high-rise buildings having worked on the investigation into London’s Grenfell Tower tragedy. They obtained approval, allowing for the use of a combustible window frame in what was previously considered a non-combustible opening.

These renovations deliver unprecedented cost savings, but they also address the inefficiencies of the old, traditional-style windows. "Aluminum windows with their thin, metal frames are incredibly inefficient,” Martineau continues. “Our clients opted for the fibreglass window option, saving themselves $2 million, while also enjoying enhanced thermal efficiency and increased comfort."

“This whole project is testament to the importance of investing in and nurturing talent,” adds CEO Garett Wall. “It wouldn’t have been possible without our commitment to building a team with unrivaled knowledge and expertise. That is what’s allowing us to set new standards in the industry.”

The project is well underway and is scheduled for completion in 2024. Centra Windows invites those embarking on renovations or new-build projects to consult with their experts to explore revolutionary solutions.

About Centra Windows: 100% Employee Owned and driven by a mission to help and support families, Centra has grown rapidly to become the leading authority on windows in BC and Alberta. A true Canadian success story, recent momentum has seen them more than double in size over just three years, raise $2 million for good causes, and be awarded as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures.

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