BettorEdge to Offer Responsible Gaming Resources and Connections to Problem Gambling Care through Birches Health Partnership

NEW YORK, March 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BettorEdge, a national online sports betting exchange and social platform, has joined forces with Birches Health to provide its audience with new Responsible Gaming education tools and customized problem gambling care referral pathways. Winner of SBC Rising Star of the Year in 2022 and shortlisted for an SBC Social Responsibility award in 2023, BettorEdge is continuing its pioneering efforts to teach and encourage responsible gaming behaviors by offering a new self-assessment and dedicated learning platform built by Birches Health. Additionally, Birches Health’s Problem Gambling resources and care options will be featured in the BettorEdge app to build awareness and ensure ease of access to best-in-class treatment offerings.

“BettorEdge was built with the customer in mind and we are constantly innovating to put the community’s needs first. Partnering with Birches Health takes that vision to the next level and provides our community with fast, easy, and affordable support when they need it the most,” said Greg Kajewski, Co-Founder of BettorEdge.

“We are excited to partner with BettorEdge, who will feature resources and a direct problem gambling treatment pathway for players,” added Elliott Rapaport, Founder of Birches Health. “The joint-focus of this partnership is ensuring that at-risk individuals are able to access needed care.”

Birches Health is a digital healthcare startup that provides resources and treatment services for behavioral addictions, focusing primarily on gambling and gaming disorders. With offerings aimed at three core areas of education, proactive engagement and treatment, Birches Health has created custom online learning modules, assessments and content to help audiences learn how to engage in gaming activities responsibly. The platform also features easily accessible, flexible care options for at-risk individuals.

To access online educational and assessment resources or explore treatment options, visit, email or call (833) 483-3838.

About BettorEdge
BettorEdge was founded in 2019 following a University of Minnesota Sportradar Innovation Challenge. With a vision of creating a community centered around an efficient sports betting marketplace offering a better fan experience, BettorEdge was recognized in 2022 as SBC Rising Star of the Year and shortlisted in 2023 for their Social Responsible efforts. BettorEdge has a strong emphasis on giving the edge to the bettor through offering fair market, better education, data and analytics via their seamless social community. Access to their webapp can be found at and additional information at

About Birches Health
Birches Health is a problem gambling treatment provider that focuses on the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction, gaming addiction and related mental and behavioral health problems in the United States. Birches Health provides modernized solutions for Responsible Gaming, including online educational resources, learning modules and convenient treatment options designed and led by licensed, specialized behavioral health clinicians. Birches Health’s mission is to provide convenient, comprehensive care and resources to individuals facing challenges related to problem gambling and other behavioral addictions.

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