Introducing CV Pad: The “Launchpad+” by Industry Titans CV VC, CV Labs, and DuckDAO

Zug, Switzerland , March 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

  • Bringing a decade of web3 investing acumen to all.
  • Enabling founders to grow and investors to flourish.
  • Expert-vetted and VC-curated investment opportunities.

Blockchain technology is reshaping industries from finance to physical infrastructure. CV Pad, a new collective launchpad, has emerged to give everyday investors access to expertly vetted and VC-curated investment opportunities.

The key problem that CV Pad solves is giving casual investors access to high-profile investment opportunities. In a space that champions openness and equality, investing in early-stage Web3 and blockchain technology ventures has mainly remained closed to the chest of bigger players in the market. CV Pad aims to remove the barriers and enable all investors to access the most anticipated groundbreaking projects. Through the CV Pad token-gated launchpad, investors can access top-tier projects pre-vetted by investment professionals with 10+ years of experience, removing the hassle and anxiety that often come with investing in new technology and the crypto market.

CV Pad, the culmination of the collaborative experience of CV VCCV Labs, and DuckDAO, has an impressive collective track record of investing in blockchain businesses, with an average 35x multiple on project launches, CV Pad is set to redefine what it means to invest in early-stage web3 projects.

CV VC: The Vanguard of Blockchain Investments

CV VC is at the heart of this collaboration as a global blockchain investor, operating ecosystem acceleration hubs across Switzerland, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Germany, and Portugal. CV VC is a private venture capital firm that provides seed funding and an acceleration program to transformative technology teams worldwide. CV VC has an entrepreneurial spirit, championed by its visionary founders and board members who embody the ethos of "Founders for Founders." CV VC's unwavering commitment to nurturing blockchain startups and driving innovation allied with its comprehensive support network and extensive industry experience makes it a trusted partner for entrepreneurs seeking to revolutionize industries through blockchain technology. It has invested in 59 companies across 21 countries and offers qualified investors the opportunity to invest alongside its blockchain and crypto-focused funds.

CV Labs: The Heartbeat of Crypto Valley’s Global Ecosystem 

Complementing CV VC's investment expertise is CV Labs, which is the heartbeat of Crypto Valley, the world's most mature blockchain hub, CV Labs helps global start-ups, corporates, and investors to leverage blockchain technology and transform the way the world interacts and transacts. 

CV Labs is the ecosystem business pillar of CV VC, nurturing a global ecosystem through various activities, including acceleration programs, community-centric co-working spaces, industry events & summits, and advisory & research reports.

With a focus on fostering growth within the global blockchain community, CV Labs aims to catalyze transformative ideas and collaborations in the blockchain space through these initiatives. 

DuckDAO: Democratizing Web3 Investing

DuckDAO revolutionizes investing by empowering the community to play an active role in shaping the future of blockchain projects. DuckDAO allows individual community members to access early-stage opportunities traditionally reserved only for institutional players. This democratization of access levels the playing field and fosters a greater sense of ownership and collaboration among community members.

DuckDAO is the leading decentralized marketing community in crypto, renowned for its commitment to discovering and promoting the most promising projects. The DAO offers a gateway to access groundbreaking ideas through early access, IDOs, and its exclusive DuckBoost Program. DuckDAO's collaborative efforts extend to numerous past projects and valued partners, and as a multichain platform, the DAO supports fundraising for crypto projects on various blockchain platforms.

Reshaping the Web3 Investment Landscape

CV Pad is fundamentally changing the way people in the web3 space view early-stage investing, taking something only available to those in the know and opening up the floor to create an accessible, inclusive and equitable fundraising environment 

As CV Pad embarks on this exciting journey, be sure to explore more about the platform dubbed the next iteration of Launchpads, the Launchpad+, through their website and social media.

About CV Pad

CV Pad is a Launchpad+, aiming to take projects through their TGE with a suite of services from tokenomics support to distribution and marketing, with the support of their global network of partnerships. It is a collective: DuckDAO, CV VC, and CV Labs, that utilizes its wealth of experience in web3 and traditional venture capital to not only support projects but also provide vetted, curated picks for launchpad investors.


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