HAG Advances with Key Project Milestones: A Leap Forward in Bitcoin Mining

Singapore , March 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HAG, the first-ever SEC-filed security token specializing in Bitcoin mining and offering monthly WBTC net yield distribution, has announced a series of significant milestones. These advancements highlight HAG's commitment to setting new benchmarks in transparency and value for investors in the Bitcoin mining domain.

Deployment Marks the Beginning of Mining Operations

The deployment of S21 mining machines in a US-based facility on February 1st marked HAG's official entry into Bitcoin mining. This strategic move is a testament to HAG's ambition to emerge as a leading entity in the Bitcoin mining industry, leveraging the latest technology to maximize efficiency and outcomes. 

Inaugural WBTC Dividend Distribution Sets a Precedent

On March 7th, HAG made headlines with its first net yield WBTC distribution through INX, showcasing its dedication to providing net yield in WBTC to its investors. The distribution of 0.75143226 WBTC is a clear indicator of HAG's efforts to democratize access to Bitcoin mining profits and enhance investor value.

HAG Tokens Now Trading on INX Exchange

Further expanding its reach, HAG tokens were listed on the INX Exchange on March 14th. This move opens up new avenues for secondary trading and provides global investors with additional opportunities to engage with HAG.  

Anticipation Builds for Second STO Batch Amid Bull Market

As we step into 2024, the crypto market is witnessing a remarkable bull run, with Bitcoin's ecosystem thriving like never before. In this vibrant market scenario, HAG is poised to unveil its second batch of Security Token Offerings (STOs) towards the end of March or in early April. This move is not just an expansion but a strategic step forward, leveraging the current market's momentum. 

HAG's innovative approach to Bitcoin mining, coupled with the sector's burgeoning growth, showcases the vast potential lying ahead. The flourishing Bitcoin ecosystem, complemented by HAG's robust framework and strategic milestones, sets the stage for unprecedented opportunities and growth. As HAG navigates through this thriving landscape, its commitment to innovation, transparency, and value for stakeholders positions it as a beacon of potential in the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

About Hashrate Asset Group

Hashrate Asset Group aspires to build the world’s first sustainable, compliant and transparent Bitcoin standard arithmetic operating model. HAG Token allows investors to join the ecosystem and receive a real-time return on your investment. HAG mining farm is located in the United States, and the team is composed of industry-leading professionals from Bitmain, Goldman Sachs, and TSMC.

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