Spectrio’s New Private Label TV Lets Users Tune Waiting Room TV Programming To Environment And Audience

Enplug-Driven PLTV Software Removes Risks Of Showing Guests Objectionable, Inappropriate Or Competitive Content

TAMPA, Fla., April 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new Private Label TV (PLTV) service developed by Spectrio lets organizations use TV screens to help entertain guests as they wait, without having to worry about commercial TV content or advertising some of them might find objectionable or inappropriate.

A new curated content feature on Spectrio's flagship content management software platform Enplug allows users to curate high-quality, relevant, and entertaining programming playlists that suit an audience and environment, giving business owners and other venue operators the ability to fully control what appears on screens in areas such as waiting and break rooms.

PLTV is a safe, controlled alternative to conventional broadcast television programming that's often used in such environments - removing the risks of conflicts developing between viewers over political news and opinion, material unsuitable for younger audiences, and advertising from business competitors that might appear on screens.

Accessing PLTV through Enplug ensures users can easily develop a tailored viewing experience - using a diverse range of lifestyle, entertainment, sports, children’s entertainment, and made-to-order content options that are available to users.

Along with control over content, PLTV enables organizations to promote their own brands and services as advertising and marketing messages inserted into playlists with the premium content.

"Businesses have, for many years, been putting TVs in areas like waiting rooms to entertain and help guests pass the time, but it's a tactic that always introduces risk - particularly with today's political climate and the vast amount and range of content now available on cable systems," says Robert Orndorff, VP of Product at Spectrio. "Using PLTV, our customers can easily curate and schedule on-screen content that suits their environment and audience."

Private Label TV programming has applicability in countless scenarios, including:

  • Automotive - Entertaining dealer guests in service and finance waiting lounge, as well as café areas;
  • Retail - High dwell time areas such as common checkout lines and dressing room lounges can use curated TV programming to occupy shopper attention, showcase lifestyle content related to fashion, beauty, or home decor, and promote upcoming sales, events, or new product launches through branded content;
  • Healthcare - In waiting areas, Private Label TV can entertain and engage with curated and targeted patient education, from explanations of procedures and care to driving awareness of clinic and facility services;
  • Hospitality: Private Label TV in hotel and resort environments - on lobby, lounge, and common area screens, and even on TVs in rooms - can both entertain and inform guests about on-premise amenities and services, as well as options such as dining and margin-building opt-ins like late check-outs;
  • Break areas: In the dining and break areas of many businesses, Private Label TV can entertain staff during work breaks, while also passively making them aware of important, often hard-to-convey messages like human resources communications.

"With Private Label TV, businesses can reduce perceptions of wait times, promote available services, and drive the kinds of experiences that leave lasting impressions and make visitors want to come back," adds Robert Orndorff.

To learn more about transforming your business’s waiting areas with Private Label TV, schedule a demo today.

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