Mega Matrix Announces the Successful Completion of Investor Day and the Publication of Articles from Grit Daily and Smartech Daily, highlighting FlexTV

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mega Matrix Corp. (“Company”) (NYSE American: MPU) is pleased to announce the successful completion of Investor Day event. The media, Grit Daily and Smartech published articles, after attending our Investor Day, spotlighting FlexTV as an innovator in the entertainment industry. FlexTV is operated by Yuder Pte, Ltd., an indirect majority-controlled subsidiary of us.

Grit Daily

“Transforming Screen Time: How FlexTV and Short-Form Content Are Redefining Streaming”

The report believes that FlexTV is redefining the streaming platform. According to the article, the streaming industry's market share is $544 billion, with forecasts indicating it will reach $19.02 trillion by 2030, demonstrating a paradigm shift in content consumption. Even within this industry, a revolution is occurring, with traditional movies and TV facing a strong opponent: short-form content.

FlexTV has identified this market and entered decisively. This is because there has been a significant change in viewers' habits, shifting from long videos to short videos of a few minutes or 30 minutes. Additionally, there has been a change in the way content is delivered.

Modern audiences have increasingly shorter attention spans and prefer multitasking, a change that is profound. This shift has given platforms like FlexTV the opportunity to focus on fast-paced content and emotional impact.

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Smartech Daily

“Bridging Worlds: How FlexTV is Globalizing Short-Form Content in the Streaming Era”

Streaming media is considered the only continuously growing industry in the entertainment industry, with multiple platforms competing to become leaders. In capturing viewers' attention, short-form video content is becoming a significant player. YouTube Shorts and TikTok have defined this trend, attracting millions of users.

FlexTV, which integrates streaming media and short content, has found a new market space by turning user-created short content into professional content, utilizing AI, data analysis, and other professional methods to create high-quality content that users love.

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The Company CEO, Yucheng Hu said, “These articles provide a comprehensive and thorough analysis of FlexTV, enabling readers to clearly understand what products we offer, as well as our business model and technological innovations. MPU will continue to work hard to attract more viewers and gain more market share.”

About Mega Matrix: Mega Matrix Corp. (NYSE AMEX: MPU) is a holding company and operates FlexTV, a short-video streaming platform and producer of short dramas, through Yuder Pte, Ltd., an indirect majority-controlled subsidiary of Mega Matrix. Mega Matrix is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. For more information, please contact or visit:

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