PainReform’s Non-Opiate Topical Treatment for Post-Surgical Pain Relief Outperforms Leading Competitor Under Various Testing Conditions

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PainReform Ltd. (Nasdaq: PRFX) ("PainReform" or the "Company"), a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the reformulation of established therapeutics, today announced groundbreaking results from new studies demonstrating the superior in-vitro release (IVR) rates of PRF-110 compared to the industry leader for topical post-surgical pain management products. These findings underscore PainReform's commitment to advancing non-opiate pain relief options and mark a significant milestone in the development of long-lasting pain management solutions.

Leveraging the latest IVR technology, which automates the testing of drug release from formulations over time, PainReform conducted comprehensive studies to evaluate the performance of PRF-110. Over a 72-hour industry-standard duration, and extending to 96 hours, PRF-110 exhibited remarkably higher rates of analgesic drug release compared to a market-leading post-surgical pain product. Results indicated that PRF-110 released between 34%-77% more drug over a span of 96 hours under various testing conditions.

These results are particularly noteworthy as they not only provide support for PRF-110's superior efficacy but also its potential to significantly extend the duration of pain relief. By ensuring a more consistent and prolonged analgesic effect, PRF-110 aims to reduce the dependency on opiates for post-surgical pain management, addressing a critical need in the healthcare system for safer, more effective pain management strategies.

Ilan Hadar, Chief Executive Officer of PainReform, expressed his enthusiasm about the findings: "These IVR study results are a testament to the innovative approach we're taking at PainReform to combat post-surgical pain. By focusing on extended drug release technology, we believe PRF-110 is poised to set a new standard in topical pain management that prioritizes patient safety and efficacy. We believe that this breakthrough will not only benefit patients by providing longer-lasting relief but also significantly impact the global effort to reduce opiate use."

About PainReform

PainReform is a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the reformulation of established therapeutics. PRF-110, the Company's lead product is based on the local anesthetic ropivacaine, targeting the postoperative pain relief market. PRF-110 is an oil-based, viscous, clear solution that is deposited directly into the surgical wound bed prior to closure to provide localized and extended postoperative analgesia. The Company's proprietary extended-release drug-delivery system is designed to provide an extended period of post-surgical pain relief without the need for repeated dose administration while reducing the potential need for the use of opiates. For more information, please visit

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