Greenwing Tech Marks 14 Years of eProcurement Innovation

Celebrating 14 years, Greenwing Technology leads in eProcurement solutions, focusing on deeper integrations and customer success for future growth.

Newark, Delaware , April 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Greenwing Technology, a leading provider of eProcurement and punchout catalog solutions, is proud to celebrate its 14th year of innovation, growth, and partnership in the eProcurement industry. Since its inception in 2010, Greenwing Technology has been at the forefront of facilitating seamless Punchout Catalog and eProcurement solutions for both buyers and suppliers through advanced technology.

Over the years, Greenwing Technology has evolved its services to meet the changing needs of the Punchout and procurement landscape. From initially offering managed punchout catalogs in 2010 to introducing electronic PO and invoices in 2011, and expanding into punchout consulting in 2012, the company has consistently advanced its offerings. Significant milestones include the introduction of order and invoice automation in 2014, pioneering e-commerce integration in 2018, launching hosted catalogs in 2019, and leading the way with API and one-click deployment solutions in 2022. Looking forward, Greenwing Technology is set to expand its e-commerce integrations through 2024 to 2026, further solidifying its position as an innovator in the field.

On the occasion of its 14th anniversary, Jeremy Friedman, one of the co-founders of Greenwing Technology, shared insights into the future of the industry, emphasizing the importance of deeper integrations in a post-COVID world.

"The biggest shift we see on the supply side of eProcurement is the demand for deeper and more comprehensive integrations. Punchout and full cXML integrations have been beneficial, but there's a growing desire for even more access to data, such as real-time stock availability or API access into the supplier's system," said Jeremy Friedman. This shift towards tighter buyer-supplier relationships is expected to provide greater visibility and strengthen partnerships.

Greenwing Technology believes in the power of these integrations to create "sticky" relationships between buyers and suppliers, a concept the company has championed for over 14 years. By embracing these integrations, suppliers can cement their relationships with buyers, making it significantly more challenging for competitors to disrupt these established connections.

As Greenwing Technology celebrates this milestone, the company looks back on a journey filled with innovation and looks forward to a future of continued growth and deeper partnerships. The dedication to enhancing eProcurement processes and supporting both buyers and suppliers remains unwavering.

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Greenwing Technology is a leading provider of punchout catalog and eProcurement solutions based in Newark, Delaware. With a focus on innovation and customer success, Greenwing Technology helps organizations streamline their procurement processes through advanced technology solutions. For more information, visit

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