ThoughtSpot Appoints Ahmed Quadri as Chief Customer Officer to Empower Businesses to Adopt GenAI and Break Free from Legacy BI

Quadri joins ThoughtSpot as companies in every industry look to new technologies that allow them to combine their team’s creativity and ingenuity with the intelligence of generative AI, sparking their own Data Renaissance and maximizing ROI

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ThoughtSpot, the AI-Powered Analytics company, today announced that Ahmed Quadri has joined the company as its Chief Customer Officer. As ThoughtSpot enters its next phase of growth, in this role, Quadri will ensure a world-class experience for ThoughtSpot’s customers as they look to fundamentally transform how they leverage data to make decisions, build products, and realize value from their analytics investments as they spark their own Data Renaissance.

Quadri brings a 20-year track record leading customer-facing teams that deliver outsized results for customers. Prior to ThoughtSpot, Quadri was most recently Chief Customer Officer at Heap, a leader in digital experience analytics, where he led the evolution of the company to deliver value realization and growth-focused customer journeys. At Heap, Quadri launched digital customer success motions to help drive engagement and adoption at scale for the growing customer base. Quadri has also built and scaled Customer Success and Services at Reltio and technical pre-sales at Salesforce, Informatica, and Siperian to help customers take advantage of innovative technology that drives business results.

“What excites me about ThoughtSpot is its focus on helping its customers break free from the shackles of legacy business intelligence and truly spark their own Data Renaissance with AI-powered analytics. ThoughtSpot’s strategic vision to put people and ideas, not technology, at the center of data-driven decisions is exactly what companies need to win in today’s market,” said Ahmed Quadri, Chief Customer Officer, ThoughtSpot. “Fostering this partnership between humans and technology, with people firmly in the driver’s seat, will be critical for every organization in the months and years to come. I’m excited to work with our customers to help them deploy not just new technology, but new ways of working, to capitalize on this opportunity.”

“Generative AI is putting a real fork in the road for businesses. They know they cannot simply continue to operate as business as usual, especially when it comes to using generative AI to unlock more value from their data than ever before. It’s our job to help them not only navigate this new world, but thrive in it,” said Jeff Depa, Chief Revenue Officer, ThoughtSpot. “Quadri’s proven track record empowering companies to realize value from transformative technologies will be an incredible asset to all of our customers as they look to do the same with generative AI. As we continue to innovate across our own generative AI offerings in the months to come, I’m excited to see Quadri help our customers make the most of their investments in analytics.”

Quadri has joined ThoughtSpot in the wake of strong growth for the company, including:

  • ThoughtSpot’s acquisition of Mode Analytics, resulting in a twofold increase in the companies’ combined customer base
  • The appointment of Jeff Depa as Chief Revenue Officer and Kelley Jarrett as SVP of Strategy, Operations, and Enablement
  • The success of ThoughtSpot Everywhere, the company’s embedded analytics solution introduced in late 2021, which emerged as an industry leader for product and app developers looking to infuse AI into their analytics.
  • The launch of and expansion of ThoughtSpot Sage, an AI-powered search experience that lets every user, regardless of technical skills, leverage foundational language models within ThoughtSpot’s patented search technology to get insights from their data through natural language search.

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