Grant of Incentive Subscription Rights in IDEX Biometrics 17 April 2024

The board of directors of IDEX Biometrics ASA resolved on 17 April 2024 to issue 550,000 incentive subscription rights to employees in the IDEX Biometrics group. The grant was made under the company's 2023 incentive subscription rights plan as amended at the extraordinary general meeting on 21 December 2023. The exercise price of the subscription rights is NOK 0.15 per share and the SRs vest by 50% per year over two years. The SRs expire on 23 May 2028. Following the grant there are 18,023,725 subscription rights outstanding in IDEX Biometrics.

Primary insiders
IDEX discloses transactions by the following primary insider, who were granted incentive subscription rights (SRs) to IDEX shares ISIN NO0013107490:
–   CEO Vince Graziani was granted 250,000 SRs at NOK 0.15 per share
–   CTO Anthony Eaton was granted 150,000 SRs at NOK 0.15 per share
–   CCO Catharina Eklof was granted 150,000 SRs at NOK 0.15 per share

For further information contact:
Marianne Bøe, Head of Investor Relations
Tel: + 47 918 00186

About IDEX Biometrics
IDEX Biometrics ASA (OSE: IDEX) is a global technology leader in fingerprint biometrics, offering authentication solutions across payments, access control, and digital identity. Our solutions bring convenience, security, peace of mind and seamless user experiences to the world. Built on patented and proprietary sensor technologies, integrated circuit designs, and software, our biometric solutions target card-based applications for payments and digital authentication. As an industry-enabler we partner with leading card manufacturers and technology companies to bring our solutions to market. 

About this notice 
This notice was published by Erling Svela, Vice president of finance, on 17 April 2024 at 20:00 CET on behalf of IDEX Biometrics ASA. The information shall be disclosed according to section 5‑8 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act (STA) and published in accordance with section 5‑12 of the STA.