Ubicquia and Co-Founder Lowell D. Kraff Applaud the City of Las Vegas as Recent IDC Award Winner

MIAMI BEACH, FL, April 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Technology is steadily guiding humanity toward an interconnected and intelligent future where innovation and opportunity combine to transform urban life. Lowell Kraff, the co-founder and chairman of Ubicquia, believes that artificial intelligence (AI) is currently the most impactful force in the drive to accelerate smart city infrastructure deployments. His company, which develops scalable smart city platforms, emphasizes a deep commitment to continuous innovation and quality control, adopting a people-first approach in the pursuit of a vision that has community welfare at its core. Ubicquia is implementing a strategy that reflects a push toward cost-effectiveness and resource optimization in urban spaces, relying on technology to deliver on its promises of urban transformation. In a recent validation of the company’s approach, Las Vegas won the IDC Smart Cities North America Award in the Smart Parks category, much of that success being attributable to the implementation of Ubicquia solutions.

The city’s groundbreaking initiative aims to enhance public spaces, improve safety, and foster community engagement by leveraging innovative sensor, camera, AI, and lighting technologies to streamline urban park management. “The City of Las Vegas is currently using Ubicquia’s UbiCell, UbiHub, and UbiVu platforms across its vast park network to create safer spaces and vibrant, connected communities. By leveraging AI and data-driven insights, Las Vegas is making it possible for its residents to enjoy their parks like never before while also cementing its reputation as a forward-thinking urban center,” says Lowell Kraff.

The concept of smart cities revolves around the creation of urban areas that are efficient, safe, and sustainable. According to Lowell Kraff, AI has become the most promising tool in building smart cities due to its potential to streamline public services, improve traffic management, and facilitate energy conservation. It can empower smart city infrastructures to react dynamically to real-time data, which is crucial in an age of constant change. Ubicquia believes that combining diverse technologies can accelerate breakthroughs in city management. From traffic flowing smoothly thanks to adaptive signaling to pollution levels meeting stringent regulations through AI-enhanced monitoring, the possibilities are extensive and transformative.

Ubicquia’s leadership is betting on assertive decision-making and creative problem-solving, which it sees as key in leveraging AI within urban infrastructures. Moreover, quality becomes particularly important given that a smart city needs reliable, uninterrupted services. Last but not least, talent and visionary thinking are crucial in the application of AI when shaping a landscape where smart technology serves the public. That said, the role of AI extends beyond providing purely physical improvements – this technology also presents a framework for social empowerment. As smart city infrastructures evolve, they promise inclusivity and a higher quality of life, playing directly into the social responsibilities espoused by Ubicquia.

About Ubicquia

Ubicquia, under the leadership of CEO Ian Aaron, is revolutionizing the industry with intelligent infrastructure platforms that deploy rapidly, bringing about smarter, safer, and highly interconnected environments. Through simple integration into the photocell socket of an impressive 360 million compatible streetlights, our smart city solutions are designed to trim down energy usage, boost public safety, and slash operation and maintenance costs. The company utilizes the omnipresence of streetlights to extend public broadband, paving the way for mobile operators to expedite 5G and FWA deployments via our cutting-edge communications platforms. Furthermore, its smart grid products incorporate seamlessly onto existing distribution transformers within minutes, offering predictive analytics that fortify grid durability. The innovative Ubicquia® products are trusted by over 800 clients, a list that includes some of North America's largest cities, utilities and mobile operators.


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