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Singapore, April 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NOMAD Caviar Singapore, a highly respected online purveyor of caviar, has recently announced the expansion of its product range, including a wide array of caviar products and related services. Renowned for providing exceptional caviar responsibly sourced from sustainable farms, this company is transforming people's perceptions and consumption habits surrounding this premium seafood delicacy. Instead of sticking with the conventional idea that caviar should be enjoyed in small amounts, the company encourages a more lavish approach, promoting caviar as a full-fledged main course to be savoured without reserve. For more information visit

The company's CEO, Jason Cohen, shed light on this vision. "Our primary focus is to offer our customers an unmatched caviar experience that is sustainably sourced and produced. We want to make caviar an everyday luxury item. Therefore, we challenge the traditional notion of this refined seafood merely serving as an adornment. We suggest presenting caviar as the centerpiece of your meal and encourage our customers to enjoy it in a rather generous and satisfying way."

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This direction is clearly reflected in the company's major product - the exquisite Kaluga Hybrid caviar, available for purchase via the company's user-friendly online store. This e-commerce platform enables NOMAD Caviar Singapore to interact directly with its customers and ensure the fastest possible delivery of the freshest caviar. Infusing novelty into caviar consumption, NOMAD Caviar Singapore reimagines delivery services by dispatching orders straight to the customer's doorstep. The company guarantees next-day delivery for orders that are placed before 4pm from Monday to Saturday all around Singapore, making the indulgence of caviar a readily available delight.

Embracing a comprehensive approach, the company supplements its caviar offerings with custom-made accessories intended to elevate your caviar dining experience. Fully aware that metal utensils could alter the flavour and texture of the caviar, NOMAD Caviar Singapore has rolled out a selection of non-metallic caviar spoons and dishes. This addition to the inventory aims to highlight the taste of caviar while preserving its unique taste and texture.

More than merely selling caviar and related accessories, the company also offers educational content. A prominent feature of the extensive website, is a blog dedicated to deepening customer understanding of caviar, its complex flavours and the industry as a whole. The blog includes posts about the health benefits of caviar, the layers of taste it provides and advice on making it a part of a main course meal.

Highlighting the significance of user education, CEO Jason Cohen stated, "We see great importance in educating our customers about caviar, its benefits and origins. It not only empowers them to make well-informed decisions but also heightens their appreciation for this gourmet delicacy. Our blog is evidence of our mission to honour, understand and share the story of this magnificent seafood."

All of these elaborate steps taken by NOMAD Caviar Singapore are aimed at reshaping how caviar is seen and enjoyed. The company's ambition to incorporate the luxury of caviar into everyday life is evident in its high quality products, prompt delivery services, skillfully crafted accessories and instructive blog. The company is committed to shifting the status of caviar from a rare luxury to an everyday dining experience.

NOMAD Caviar Singapore, with its esteemed reputation in the culinary world, continues its journey of providing opulent culinary experiences for customers around the world with its recently expanded product lineup and dedicated delivery services. To get more detailed information about the products and services offered by NOMAD Caviar Singapore, or to view the selection of responsibly sourced caviar, visit


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