JuneX Capital Partners  Launch “Founders Office“ with €100M Evergreen Fund to Back European Entrepreneurs in Human Capital and Investment Management

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Sophia Antipolis, London, April 24rd, 2024  

JuneX Capital Partners 
Launch “Founders Office“
with €100M Evergreen Fund
to Back European Entrepreneurs
in Human Capital and Investment Management

Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet and Régis Micheli, two experienced French entrepreneurs and investors, are proud to announce the launch of the JuneX Capital Partners’ (“JuneX”) “Founders Office,” a new investment company focused on backing entrepreneurs within the human capital and investment management sectors.  

The “Founders Office” at JuneX is an innovative founder-centric approach that combines the long-term perspective of a family office, the entrepreneurial mindset and agility of a business angel, and the investment capability of a pan-European institutional fund.  

On April 19th, JuneX Capital Partners successfully closed the JuneX Evergreen Fund,” a 100-million-euro evergreen fund to initiate its investments programme across Europe. The fund is already active with investments in education and asset management companies in France, the UK and the DACH markets.

Childhood friends Régis Micheli and Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, who first met 32 years ago, in secondary school in Lyon, France, have combined their assets and extensive entrepreneurial experiences from the tech, education and investment industries to launch JuneX. Their new firm will invest its capital, networks and industry expertise to back entrepreneurs, emerging GPs, and innovative asset managers.

JuneX has strategically chosen to focus its investments on backing two types of entrepreneurs, both fundamental to innovation and sustainable economic development:

  • Entrepreneurs enhancing human capital: “Human Capital” is defined by economists as the education, knowledge, skills, health and environmental investments made by individuals and organisations to enhance their abilities, productivity and well-being, which in turn promotes economic and social development.
  • Entrepreneurs in investment management: Specialising in venture capital and private equity. This targets specifically emerging asset managers and financial sponsors seeking capital to back innovative companies, seed their first investments or scale their asset management firm (GP stakes).

Unlike most funds, JuneX offers a flexible investment approach, not restricted by the usual limitations related to time horizon, investment stage, or structural constraints. Therefore, it can invest across the entire capital structure as a lead investor, co-investor or operating partner.

JuneX supports businesses and investment firms, from start-ups and emerging sponsors to scale-ups and established asset managers. It offers various “patient capital” solutions, including equity, debt and bridge financings, tailored to meet specific founders’ needs and the complex circumstances they inevitably face during their entrepreneurial journey. In specific situations when JuneX possesses relevant industry experience or functional expertise, it may selectively act as a “sparring partner” and work closely with founders. 

Régis Micheli and Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, co-founders of JuneX, stated:

“We are proud to launch JuneX Capital Partners, our “Founders Office”, along with our debut investment fund, JuneX Evergreen Fund. Our platform is specially designed for founders, inspired by our own rollercoaster journey as entrepreneurs and investors, as well as challenges we tackled. Unlike most investment firms, our approach is not restricted by time horizon, investment stage and structural constraints. We are here to play the long game with patient and agile capital solutions for founders and to provide them with street-smart and genuine support, as peers and sparring partners. We aim to back challengers in Human Capital and Investment Management, two sectors fundamental to sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship.”

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About JuneX Capital Partners

Founded by two childhood friends, Régis Micheli and Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, who turned entrepreneurs and investors, JuneX Capital Partners is a founder-centric investment firm integrating a “Founders Office” and an evergreen investment fund. JuneX’s investment strategy focuses on backing entrepreneurs in the areas of human capital (training, education, employment, health, nutrition, and environment) and investment management (venture capital, private equity, and asset management). Working closely with entrepreneurs, JuneX provides a range of patient and agile capital solutions tailored to founders’ needs. Moreover, in specific situations, it may offer operational and advisory support as an operating or sparring partner. JuneX invests mostly, but not exclusively, in Europe and operates out of the UK and France.  

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