Publication of 2023 Annual Report of Azerion Group N.V.

Amsterdam, 25 April 2024 – Azerion announces that it has today published its annual report and audited financial results for the full year 2023 for Azerion Group N.V.. The Annual Report can be found at

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About Azerion

Founded in 2014, Azerion (EURONEXT: AZRN) is one of Europe’s largest digital advertising and entertainment media platforms. Azerion brings global scaled audiences to advertisers in an easy and cost-effective way, delivered through our proprietary technology, in a safe, engaging, and high quality environment, utilizing our strategic portfolio of owned and operated content with entertainment and other digital publishing partners.

Having its roots in Europe and with its headquarters in Amsterdam, Azerion has commercial teams based in over 24 cities around the world to closely support our clients and partners to find and execute creative ways to make a real impact through advertising.

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