PolkaBotAI - decentralizing AI with OriginTrail and Polkadot

Ljubljana, Slovenia, April 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The explosive rise of Artificial Intelligence has sparked the first stages of a new knowledge revolution, comparable historically with the invention of the printing press or the world wide web. Its sudden growth also pointed at some of the threats and shortfalls such as hallucinations, bias, mishandling of intellectual property rights and even potential AI model collapses. Both the opportunities and challenges of this knowledge revolution are showing the need for convergence between Crypto, Internet and AI in a Verifiable Internet for AI proposed by OriginTrail. The Verifiable Internet for AI is effectively addressing AI’s shortfalls by decentralizing knowledge that AI systems use in their solutions. One of the pioneering implementations of the approach is Polkabot.AI - a Decentralized AI education hub on Polkadot which will see its full release in the coming months after receiving support from the Polkadot Treasury. 

Spearheading the development of Polkabot.ai is Trace Alliance, a collaborative hub that builds partnerships for creating and leveraging trusted knowledge in the age of AI. The solution is bringing the vision of decentralized AI to reality as it revolutionizes how anyone can interact and learn about the Polkadot ecosystem whether they are a novice getting through the first steps or a seasoned user looking for the latest updates. It achieves that by allowing a wider Polkadot ecosystem to get involved in creating a trusted knowledge base that Polkabot’s AI system will use to construct its responses. Unlike the solutions using solely generative AI, Polkabot is implementing a novel decentralized Retrieval Augmented Generation (dRAG) approach leveraging the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG). Instead of Polkabot solely relying on AI to produce a generated response, it uses AI to construct a response using trusted inputs from the DKG populated by the wider Polkadot community. This gives the solution information provenance, respect for data ownership and gives the user a chance to verify each source and its issuer used in the final response. The trusted knowledge Polkabot’s AI systems access will be continuously expanded through community curation and knowledge publishing process called knowledge mining.

The Polkabot.ai initiative received backing through an OpenGov treasury proposal, which was approved on April 23, 2024. As an AI-powered educational platform that tailors learning to each user, PolkaBot.AI represents a significant leap forward in how we interact with Polkadot's diverse content - whether within the ecosystem or in outward communications - enabling users to access trusted knowledge and get precise responses online.

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