Healthier Capital Founder and Former One Medical CEO Endorses Medeloop Amid Launch of New AI Research Agent

MENLO PARK, Calif., May 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medeloop, a trailblazer AI platform for clinical research is proud to announce the addition of Amir Dan Rubin to its board of directors. Rubin's board appointment is complemented by an investment in Medeloop from Healthier Capital, the venture capital firm he founded to partner with technology-powered healthcare innovators. This announcement aligns with the debut of Medeloop's new AI Research Agent, which the team has named ART.

Rubin brings a wealth of experience and insight from his tenure as Chief Executive Officer of One Medical, a technology-enabled primary care organization that went public in 2020 and which was acquired by Amazon in 2023. Moreover, Rubin brings tremendous perspectives from across the healthcare ecosystem with his background as a former EVP at Optum / UnitedHealth Group, CEO of Stanford University’s academic health system, COO of UCLA’s academic health system, and COO of Stony Brook’s academic health system.

"Amir joining the board, alongside Healthier Capital's investment, is a strong testament to this groundbreaking company," said Sara Deshpande, General Partner at Maven Ventures, a firm that participated in Medeloop's seed round in 2023. “Streamlining clinical research is imperative to the future of health research and Amir will play a large role in this effort, helping Medeloop on their mission to improve health outcomes.”

Medeloop offers a comprehensive AI solution to the inefficiencies and hurdles faced in clinical research, streamlining the processes that typically spans up to five years. By consolidating the array of tools researchers currently employ, it significantly reduces the time needed for tasks such as applying for grants and collecting and analyzing data. This empowers researchers to achieve breakthroughs faster and more efficiently than ever before. Medeloop is currently collaborating with globally recognized research institutions including Stanford, UCSD, Northwestern, UCSF, and McGill.

Building on its robust platform, Medeloop has launched ART, an autonomous research agent poised to transform clinical research workflows with minimal human oversight. ART possesses advanced capabilities in planning, reflection, and tool usage, mirroring human problem-solving skills. It efficiently interprets high-level research questions, breaks them down into sub-questions, executes retrieval and computational codes, and performs statistical analyses to generate detailed summaries. Capable of processing thousands of scenarios simultaneously, ART excels in uncovering critical insights, such as identifying novel biological pathways for disease treatment. This autonomous agent not only accelerates research but also broadens the range of possible inquiries, redefining the limits of clinical research.

"Throughout my years in the healthcare industry, Medeloop’s platform stands out as a breakthrough for advancing clinical research and innovation by leveraging the capabilities of modernized AI approaches," expressed Amir Dan Rubin, CEO & Founding Managing Partner of Healthier Capital. "Medeloop has the potential to not only reshape clinical research, but to advance clinical care. With Medeloop’s outstanding and highly capable team, the opportunities for significant positive impacts in healthcare are most remarkable."

"We are thrilled to welcome Amir Dan Rubin from Healthier Capital to Medeloop's board of directors," said CEO, Rene Caissie at Medeloop. "Amir’s remarkable track record in transforming healthcare will help us achieve our vision of revolutionizing clinical research with our state-of-the-art AI platform. We anticipate Amir’s guidance will be invaluable to driving strategic insights and fostering sustainable growth at Medeloop.”

About Amir Dan Rubin

Amir Dan Rubin serves as CEO & Founding Managing Partner at Healthier Capital, a healthcare venture capital firm partnering with technology-powered innovators focused on delivering healthier outcomes for all. Amir’s expertise and dedication to the healthcare sector is highlighted by his previous industry leadership roles, including serving as CEO of One Medical | Amazon, EVP at UnitedHealth Group / Optum, CEO at Stanford Health Care, COO at UCLA Health System, and COO at Stony Brook University Hospital.

About Medeloop

Medeloop is a revolutionary healthcare technology company, developed to unlock treatments and widen disease comprehension. The company's technology platform harnesses regulatory-ready evidence derived from EMR/EHR, Omics, Genetics, and environmental data, to accelerate disease research and drug development. Medeloop has raised $15 million to date and is backed by leading global venture capital firm General Catalyst, along with Maven Ventures, the OVO Fund, NV Investments, and angel investors, including the distinguished former CEO of Merck, Ken Frazier.