Powered by OriginTrail, ChatDKG.AI is unlocking a Truly Open Artificial Intelligence

Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The convergence of Internet, Crypto, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) appears as the antidote to many of the current shortcomings of AI - hallucinations, bias, data ownership challenges, even model collapse. It also holds the key to unlocking AI’s full societal potential by enabling a truly open AI. In a world of AI solutions relying on performance battles of pre-trained AI models, ChatDKG stands for freedom of choice. A truly open AI approach allows anyone to define the trusted knowledge as the foundation for their AI solutions. It further extends the freedom of choice from trusted knowledge to multimodal support of a plethora of different AI models. For creators ready to take the plunge in the truly open AI future, an inception program is available to onboard them to ChatDKG. 

A new paradigm for AI - Your Knowledge Network is Your Net Worth
The currently prevalent approach in creating AI solutions is a siloed one - either in shackles of a single AI model or a walled garden of external sources provided by a single organization. ChatDKG is breaking down those walls with an inclusive and open approach to creating AI solutions. Leveraging the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG), it creates a neutral, inclusive knowledge foundation. As anyone publishes their knowledge to the DKG, their addition gets equipped with a timestamp, their identity, ascribed ownership and verifiability proofs ensuring their knowledge is kept intact. Through a framework of decentralized Retrieval-Augmented Generation (dRAG), such knowledge is made available to any AI model as input to produce outputs that both have information provenance and respect data ownership. As trusted knowledge inputs become mission-critical for AI solutions, it ignites a knowledge economy where your knowledge network is your net worth.

Getting involved with Initial Paranet Offering
In addition to building trusted AI solutions with ChatDKG, participants in this new knowledge economy can get involved in growing the DKG in knowledge domains important for them. New types of autonomous knowledge networks can appear in any domain, narrow or wide, such as:

- Decentralized Science - building a truth layer from existing scientific knowledge to power autonomous AI research and decentralized scientific advancement. 
- Real World Assets (RWA) - creating tokenized digital twins from any asset that exists outside the digital spectrum, such as real estate, commodities, art, and more. 
- Industry 4.0 - revolutionizing production processes to achieve highest safety and efficiency, faster innovation and tailored customers’ interactions with trusted AI solutions.

Launching Initial Paranet Offering (IPO) allows anyone to open up their mission to others that would like to join creating a knowledge foundation in that domain. Through an IPO a paranet operator also ensures incentive rewards for participants that will add useful knowledge - knowledge miners. By accessing NeuroWeb network incentives for mining new knowledge, the paranet's trusted knowledge grows in a crowdsourced way.  

Future-proofing for continuous advancements of AI
The ChatDKG’s truly open AI does not only lower dependency on any single AI company, the freedom of choice of AI also ensures that any development in the field of AI models, prompt engineering, agent frameworks or similar, is making your solution stronger. By putting the trusted knowledge foundation in the driving seat, the tech giants working on advancing AI systems are working in your favor as you are always able to use your knowledge network with the latest AI technologies. 

Inception program open for application
Those looking to build the next big thing with ChatDKG’s trusted AI solution or launch an Initial Paranet Offering are able to submit their application for the ChatDKG inception program to receive additional support by the OriginTrail team. Applications are open on the website


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