Palmetto Publishing releases Beth Lyon Barnett’s fifth book – THE LYONS DEN

The Biographically Inspired Novel of Beth’s Great-Grandfather’s Journey to America to Escape 1860s German Antisemitism: Beth Devoted Five Years to Researching and Writing LYONS DEN

Charleston, SC, May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Award-winning author Beth Lyon Barnett has just released her fifth book, The Lyons Den. This well-researched, biographically-inspired account of her ancestor Morris Lion’s migration to the United States is based on the story of her family’s determination to escape antisemitic oppression in 1860s Germany. 

In 1866 at age 18, Morris Lion fled Germany to pursue a better future and religious freedom. Boarding a ship to America, he set out to find a more prosperous and secure life than the one he was leaving behind. Filled with youthful zest and vitality, Morris toiled until he was able to establish roots in Kansas City. Changing his family name to Lyon, Morris became the first of four generations to live in America. Facing new challenges in a burgeoning nation, surviving the dangers of the Mississippi River and confronting all-too-familiar prejudices, Morris and his children fight to claim a place in their new home.

The Lyons Den was inspired by Beth’s desire to more precisely understand what compelled her great-grandfather to journey to America – was it antisemitism, youthful daring, or a lust for adventure? Filling her heart with pride, her research uncovered an intriguing story of struggle, optimism, sacrifice, and ultimate success and also an appreciation for the brave Lyon women who stood resolutely with their men to make meaningful lives possible for their descendants.

Memoir fans, history buffs, and anyone with an interest in Jewish genealogy will want to experience The Lyons Den. The book recounts true stories that will resonate with Reform Jews and tells a timeless story of the struggle and ambition to create a better life.

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Beth Lyon Barnett was born in Kansas City, Missouri. After graduating from Mill College she worked professionally as an X-ray technologist and then a sales rep until back problems brought her medical career to a premature end. Now, Beth has more time to focus on what she’s always wanted to do—write. Beth is an award-winning author whose previous works include Jazz Town, Adam's Needle, Hitchhiker, and This Borrowed Land. In writing The Lyons Den, Beth spent years conducting extensive research and she is proud to share the finished project.

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