Diamond Quanta Launches Out of Stealth with Breakthrough Lab-Grown Diamond Technology

Adam Khan, a pioneer in lab-grown diamond technology, launches new diamond-based semiconductor venture to meet the needs of today’s evolving industries

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diamond Quanta (the “Company”), a trailblazer in semiconductor innovation capitalizing on the exceptional properties of diamond to deliver advanced solutions in power electronics and quantum photonic devices, today announced its official launch out of stealth.

Founded by Adam Khan, a vanguard in advanced diamond technologies, Diamond Quanta has achieved a significant breakthrough in lab-grown diamond fabrication with its 'Unified Diamond Framework,' which facilitates true substituent doping. This innovative technique seamlessly integrates new elements into the diamond's structure, imparting novel properties without disrupting its crystalline integrity. As a result, diamond—a material traditionally known for its insulating properties—has been transformed into a high-performance semiconductor capable of supporting both negative (n-type) and positive (p-type) charge carriers. This level of mobility is indicative of a very clean, well-ordered diamond lattice, and effective passivation of scattering centers due to the successful implementation of co-doping strategies that mitigate defect impacts on carrier transport. Moreover, the doping process refines the existing diamond structure by amending dislocations, thereby enhancing the material's conductivity. These advancements not only preserve but enhance the diamond structure, avoiding common pitfalls like significant lattice distortion or the introduction of trap states that typically decrease mobility. Consequently, this makes the diamond not just an excellent semiconductor material but a more stable and efficient one, uniquely capable of outperforming other materials traditionally used in high-power and high-temperature environments.

The exceptional thermal conductivity and high electrical breakdown strength of these advanced diamond semiconductors make them ideal for deployment in environments where high power density and extreme temperatures are prevalent. From the demanding operational conditions of aerospace engineering and automotive industries to the rigorous power requirements of AI data centers and high-performance consumer electronics, the company’s diamond technology offers unparalleled resilience and efficiency. As industries such as aerospace and automotive increasingly rely on advanced materials to enhance the performance and safety of their applications, Diamond Quanta’s cutting-edge diamond semiconductors are set to revolutionize these sectors. Simultaneously, in AI data centers, where managing thermal loads while maintaining high computational throughput is crucial, the company’s technology provides a robust solution that aligns with the industry's vision for durable and energy-efficient 'chips for AI.' These capabilities ensure that Diamond Quanta’s diamond-based systems are not only positioned to meet the current demands of high-power applications but are also scalable for the future needs of technology across various critical sectors.

“Starting Diamond Quanta and developing this advanced doping process was a necessity. Industries like electronics, automotive, aerospace, energy and more have been looking for a semiconductor technology that can handle the growing strains that come with the evolving needs of their technological expansion,” said Adam Khan, Founder and CEO of Diamond Quanta. “Our technology does not simply offer an alternative material to industries looking for semiconductor efficiency improvements; we are introducing a brand-new material that is set to redefine the standards of performance, durability, and efficiency, which will play an integral role in seamlessly powering the increasingly heavy load of the modern era.”

Diamond Quanta’s journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to pushing the envelope in diamond physics and materials science, transforming theoretical models into tangible technologies that extend beyond the traditional. Diamond Quanta has filed patent applications for and made technical journal submissions related to its advanced diamond power and photonic semiconductor technology, which introduces a new diamond material that improves upon the efficiency and durability capabilities of lab-grown diamonds in semiconductor applications. Diamond Quanta has also submitted to numerous technical journals, with publication expected this summer.

Khan’s work in diamond technology is both broad and deep, marked by significant advancements across a spectrum of applications. He previously served as the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of AKHAN Semiconductor, where he was instrumental in the innovation of lab-grown diamonds for a myriad of applications. He has been pivotal in evolving the science of advanced diamond materials synthesis, contributing to novel breakthroughs in doped polycrystalline diamond research, and spearheading innovative design and fabrication techniques for a range of optics, photonic, and semiconductor component applications. Joining Khan at Diamond Quanta is Tae Sung Kim, Ph.D., who will lead the Company’s photonics and fab engineering efforts.

“Diamond Quanta is revolutionizing electronics and quantum applications,” said Kim. “As we launch out of stealth, expect our cutting edge chip technology to empower a new world of possibilities with diamond.”

Founded in January 2024, Diamond Quanta stands out as a company that not only brings a groundbreaking technology to the table but also showcases a strategic understanding of the market. Its approach addresses both the technical barriers and the economic realities of the industry, positioning the Company as a key player in the semiconductor space. With its unique business model and technology that caters to a range of high-value applications, Diamond Quanta is not just developing innovative diamond electronics but also driving the industry towards a new horizon of electronic and quantum technologies.

The Company’s team consists of highly skilled professionals with decades of experience in advanced diamond and nanocarbon materials, as well as electronic, photonic, and optical- mechanical device and product development work. Its team has a track record of translating laboratory innovations into real-world product solutions for the biggest names in semiconductor, aerospace, defense, and consumer electronics.

Spencer Herrmann
FischTank PR