International Students Now Eligible to Win $100,000 Scholarship in Canadian “Energy Creates” Contest

CALGARY, Alberta, May 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The “Energy Creates” contest is now open to students worldwide, offering a “no strings attached” full-tuition scholarship valued at up to $100,000 CAD. Initially, only Canadian youth aged 15-25 were eligible, but the contest has now been expanded due to significant international interest. One of the five $100,000 CAD scholarships being offered by the contest can now be awarded to a student from outside of Canada.

Ana Lucia Cayon, Colombian student at the University of AlbertaAna Lucia Cayon, Colombian student at the University of Alberta

Mathew Embry, the contest creator, was inspired to change the contest rules after receiving a heartfelt request and unexpected global attention. "An email from Ana Lucia Cayon, along with thousands of website visits from all over the world, challenged our team to rethink," says Embry. "Changing the rules to allow international students to participate not only makes our contest more inclusive, but it also aligns perfectly with the Canadian Energy Sector's worldwide relevance and the themes of our contest."

Ana, a Colombian student at the University of Alberta, added, “As an international student, knowing that I can now be part of this conversation is incredibly thrilling. It is an opportunity to engage with the country I chose to study in and use the opportunities it offered me to give back to it.

“Energy Creates” has engaged tens of thousands of young people from around the globe, with participation from the United States, Sweden, Mexico, and beyond. The enormous interest has led to the extension of the contest deadline to August 31, 2024, allowing more time for students to submit their creative works.

Embry notes, "Energy Creates is becoming more than a scholarship contest; it’s a platform uniting creative minds across continents. I'm thrilled to see the positive themes of 'Global Warning,' which is the cornerstone of the contest, resonating with young people. This film was created to inspire a different kind of conversation about energy, one that embraces hope, innovation, and collaboration."

Students are invited to submit creative works, including short films, songs, essays, and visual works, reflecting on the Canadian Energy Sector’s global impact. These submissions will offer an opportunity to win a scholarship and participate in crucial energy conversations that cross international borders.

For more information about the contest, entry requirements, and to submit your creative work, please visit

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