noProblem: English Language School in Poland Launches Range of Online English Courses in Lublin

Lublin, Poland, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- noProblem, a leading English language school in Lublin, Poland, is excited to announce the launch of its range of online English courses. These courses offer learners at every English language level engaging and immersive lessons that have been expertly designed to ensure maximum effectiveness for every type of student.

With its teams over 19 years of experience in both online and local teaching in Lublin, noProblem’s new range of online english courses has been designed for people studying and working, but also for seniors who want to use their free time in retirement to develop their language skills. The English courses are offered both in small groups and for those interested in intensive individual training with an emphasis on improving learners speaking, understanding, listening, spelling, writing and pronunciation skills.

“Learning English is different for each person,” said a spokesperson for noProblem. “Some people learn quickly and after a few months are able to communicate freely; others need fresh methods and, above all, greater intensity. Our angielski online offers accelerated and intensive individual courses for adults in general English, group courses, specialist (technical) and business courses. About 95% of our students say that we taught them more in 10 months than other schools taught them in 2 years.”

noProblem’s learn english lessons leverages its diverse team’s unorthodox professional qualifications in the fields of psychology, HR, economics, pharmaceuticals and sales to deliver unconventional online courses at competitive prices. The English teachers Lublin utilise their high linguistic and methodological ability to quickly diagnose a student’s starting levels before equipping them with the appropriate tools to support rapid progress.

The angielski Lublin company is aware of the organic nature of language and endeavours to stay on top of new words and cultural developments to offer students the most immersive and all-inclusive courses, as well as specialist training with topics tailored to professional and industry specificity. Some of noProblem’s online English courses include:

Advanced: This course offers English training from beginner to advanced levels in small groups to foster a collaborative learning environment.

Specialised: For students requiring more than general vocabulary, noProblem provides expert lessons in medical, pharmaceutical, technical, IT, hotel management, tourism, logistics and sales languages.

Situational Communication: From preparing for a job interview to asking for directions to visiting a doctor or beautician, the language learning specialists empower students with the necessary vocabulary and phrases to communicate freely, effectively, and efficiently.

Situational Communication: noProblem can help companies improve employees’ language skills and deliver informal business conversations along with targeted culture lessons to help individuals thrive in professional environments.

With authentic materials, TELC A1-C1 competent teachers, and an array of highly rated courses that enable students to choose the most beneficial format for their preferences or professional situation, noProblem’s english online courses guarantee results and accelerated progress in the area of practical language skills.

noProblem invites individuals in Poland interested in beginning their English language journey or want to improve their skills to contact its professional team via phone at 534 344 034 to schedule an interview online today.

About noProblem

noProblem is a leading English language school in Lublin, Poland, offering an extensive range of online English courses catering to beginners up to advanced and business-level English. With specialised classes, authentic materials and access to native English speakers, noProblem’s professional team utilises its 19 years of experience to help students gain self-confidence and develop their English language skills.

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