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Hong Kong Island, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong -

NOMAD Caviar, an innovative company based out of Hong Kong, is revolutionising the culinary world by making caviar an everyday luxury. Through their dedication to sourcing sustainably and eliminating unnecessary middlemen, NOMAD Caviar ensures that premium caviar is delivered right to the doorsteps of their customers. With operations extending to Singapore and the Philippines, the company recently introduced the Caviar Tart, a collaborative creation with Le Bec Fin and Toto Private Chef, marking another milestone in NOMAD Caviar's journey towards culinary excellence. For more information visit:

Breaking away from the conventional view that sees caviar as a rare treat, NOMAD Caviar advocates for its consumption as a main course. The company offers a selection of caviars, such as the Kaluga Hybrid and Ossetra, in various sizes, promoting the concept of value through bulk purchases. The Kaluga Hybrid caviar, in particular, underscores the brand’s promise of delivering a luxurious taste experience without the high cost or exclusivity typically associated with caviar.

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The partnership with renowned culinary entities for the Caviar Tart indicates a fresh perspective on consuming caviar, moving away from traditional serving methods. This collaboration with Le Bec Fin and Toto Private Chef signifies NOMAD Caviar's intent to appeal to a broader market.

“NOMAD Caviar is steadfast in its mission to redefine the caviar experience, making it more accessible to a wider audience. The launch of our Caviar Tart, in collaboration with prestigious partners, echoes our commitment to innovation and quality,” said Jason Cohen, CEO of NOMAD Caviar.

The company also prioritises building a strong community of caviar lovers through its exclusive membership programme, which offers special benefits and access to small batch offerings, enhancing customer loyalty and engagement.

Delivery service is a cornerstone of NOMAD Caviar’s commitment to customer satisfaction, with a schedule designed to ensure that caviar is delivered fresh from Monday to Friday, between 11am-2pm in Hong Kong. This meticulous approach guarantees that customers receive the highest quality caviar at their convenience.

“Our approach to caviar delivery in Hong Kong centres around ensuring that our customers enjoy the freshest and highest quality caviar at their convenience. Whether it’s our Kaluga Hybrid or the Caviar Tart, our aim is to deliver an unparalleled culinary experience,” Cohen elaborated.

NOMAD Caviar's desire to innovate is further exhibited through its partnership with Crewkies, resulting in the NOMAD x Crewkies Oversized Blini—a testament to the brand’s commitment to offering distinct caviar experiences.

As the company moves forward, challenging traditional boundaries and innovating new ways to enjoy caviar, its dedication to quality, sustainable practices, and culinary excellence remains firm. With its wide-ranging selection and progressive approach, NOMAD Caviar is on course to redefine the standards of caviar consumption. To explore NOMAD Caviar’s product offerings and for ordering details, visit the website:


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