NTHU Volunteers Launch the 15th Summer Mission with a Record-Breaking Kenya Team

HSINCHU, Taiwan, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The renowned International Volunteer Team of National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Taiwan is set to embark on its 15th mission, heading to Kenya, Malaysia, and Indonesia to promote IT education and cultural heritage preservation. The Kenya team has set new records with 170 donated computers and 21 student volunteers.

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NTHU's International Volunteer Team will embark on its 15th summer mission abroad this year.

Founded in 2007, the NTHU International Volunteer Team has ventured overseas every year except during the pandemic. They have served in eight countries, including Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Ghana, Belize, Nepal, Malaysia, and Indonesia, enabling 700 NTHU students to engage in overseas service.

NTHU Vice President Nyan-Hwa Tai and Dean of Student Affairs Hong-Lin Chan presented the representative flags of each team to the 46 volunteers, highlighting the valuable learning experiences they gained from fundraising and refurbishing computers. Vice President Chen-Fu Chien expressed gratitude to the ASUS Foundation for their generous donation of second-hand computers, enabling the student volunteers to help those in need.

Expansion of the Kenya Volunteer Team
Due to political unrest in Tanzania, volunteers initially assigned there will join the Kenya team. They will serve at 14 schools in Nyeri and Kisumu, teaching IT courses, training teachers, and setting up computer labs.

Kenya team leader Yu-Chen Chou highlighted the need for more computers, noting past challenges with limited equipment. This year, they are donating 20 laptops and five projectors to improve teaching and classroom flexibility. To boost motivation, the team will organize an inter-school programming competition, showcasing the practical applications of coding.

Kenya volunteer team student leader Ting-Hui Liao shared a success story where a Kenyan student's newfound interest in programming led her to stay in school and become the president of the IT club. Despite not visiting Tanzania, the team has gathered equipment for Tanzanian schools, which will be delivered by Fr. Raymond Joel Riziki.

Another important mission for the Kenya team is to send a six-member advance group to Eswatini after they complete their service in Kenya, as they plan to launch their first service mission to Eswatini next summer.

First Mission to Jakarta, Indonesia
Earlier this year, NTHU's international volunteer teams conducted a scouting mission in Jakarta, Indonesia. This summer, they will embark on an official two-week service trip to Glodok, Jakarta's largest Chinese community.

Indonesia team leader Chen Ching Hei Arthur outlined plans to teach Mandarin, introduce AI applications, and create a digital map of the community. The goal is to bridge cultural gaps and enhance communication among Chinese-Indonesian youths and elders.

NTHU alumna Lee-Lan Wong, leader of both the Malaysia and Indonesia teams, revealed that the Indonesia team will also visit local attractions and businesses. They will utilize ArcGIS geographic information software to create a digital map of the Glodok community, similar to a non-commercial version of Google Maps.

Wang noted that as Indonesia is the home country of many of Taiwan's social welfare migrant workers, she hopes that the NTHU Volunteer Team's efforts in Indonesia will help strengthen Taiwan-Indonesia relations.

Malaysia team leader Yun-Chien Chen, announced the team’s continued efforts in Pekan Nanas, including the production of a local magazine and documentary, and the hosting of a mobile photography camp to inspire youths to engage in cultural preservation.

Holly Hsueh

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