NordPass integrates with Vanta: Offers a straightforward way to automate compliance data

LONDON, June 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NordPass, the password management firm, has just announced that its product is now integrated with the leading trust management platform — Vanta. This partnership will help organizations automate and ease the processes of collecting password management-related information required for acquiring various compliance certifications.

“To demonstrate their efforts in building cyber resilience, organizations must collect a lot of information proving their password management policies are in place, and working. While this process required manual work, together with Vanta we are now offering a smooth and automated way to prepare data needed to prove companies’ compliance,” says Karolis Arbaciauskas, head of business product at NordPass.

This automated password management data collection process helps identify gaps restricting companies from achieving compliance certifications, such as SOC2, ISO 270001, or HIPAA. It also saves employees’ time, allowing them to shift their focus from tiring reporting to addressing cyber risks. With the new integration, the compliance data is being updated real-time, which is handy both when acquiring and maintaining certifications.

According to Arbaciauskas, companies sometimes hesitate to adopt compliance automation because of the rather complicated integration process with service providers. To address this, NordPass has ensured that people with no advanced technical knowledge can enable Vanta integration themselves. NordPass Business, and Enterprise users with Admin rights can complete the setup in the Admin panel simply by clicking on “Connect with Vanta.”

“Security and ease of use are the core pillars in our product development, and we aim to reflect them throughout the entire user journey. With ever strengthening compliance requirements, information collection also becomes an inseparable part of it. Together with Vanta, we offer a straightforward and uncomplicated way towards meeting cyber resilience criteria,” says Arbaciauskas.


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