AIConnect Empowerment: AI+DePIN Technology and Application Summit Concludes Successfully

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, June 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On June 6, the "AI+DePIN Technology and Application Summit" hosted by AIConnect and co-organized by JuCoin, concluded successfully in Ho Chi Minh City. This event marked a significant step forward in AIConnect's market expansion and technical applications, and represented a major milestone for JuCoin in promoting the integration of AI and DePIN technologies.

The conference began with an opening speech by Tony Tong, President of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association. He warmly welcomed the attendees and praised AIConnect and JuCoin for their efforts in promoting AI+DePIN technology integration. "The combination of AI and DePIN will bring revolutionary changes to various industries," he said. "Technological innovation and ecosystem building are key to future development, and the deep integration of AI+DePIN will usher in a new era of intelligence."

Several keynote speeches followed, deepening the theme further:

First, James, a board member of Exor Digital Holdings and global strategic partner of JuCoin Exchange, introduced the platform. JuCoin is a digital asset exchange dedicated to promoting financial freedom and technological innovation. Since its establishment in 2013, JuCoin has adhered to core values of innovation, security, reliability, and efficiency, providing a trustworthy trading environment for global users. JuCoin aims to become a leading global digital asset trading platform, driving innovation and development in the entire fintech industry. They are focused on building a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses financial services, digital identity, supply chain management, and more, leveraging blockchain technology to usher in a more open, transparent, and efficient era.

Next, Andrew Wilson, co-founder of JuCoin Labs, introduced JuCoin Labs. Andrew highlighted JuCoin Labs' crucial role in advancing blockchain technology and the Web3 ecosystem, promoting industry progress through comprehensive investment strategies and support services. Their focus on Layer1 and Layer2 solutions, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and the metaverse showcases their strategic vision and ambition in blockchain innovation.

Following this, Jonathan Frank, CMO of AIConnect, presented on "AIConnect: Decentralized AWS + OpenAI!" Frank provided an in-depth analysis of AIConnect, describing it as a combination of decentralized AWS and OpenAI. AIConnect represents not just technological innovation but also their vision for the future of AI services. To address the computational demands driven by rapid AI development, they propose creating a decentralized computing network with $AIC as the unit of computational power currency, efficiently sharing and utilizing computing resources. AIConnect will lead the AI computing and blockchain industry into a new era, creating greater value for society.

Finally, Alexx, AIConnect Community Ambassador, shared insights, emphasizing that AIConnect is not only a product of technological innovation but also a reflection of future computational power and AI service vision. As AI technology advances, the demand for computing power grows, and existing centralized computing resources cannot meet this demand. AIConnect aims to build a decentralized computing network to share and efficiently utilize computing resources, leading AI computing and the blockchain industry into a new development stage.

The speakers shared their insights and experiences on integrating AI and DePIN technologies, backed by rich cases and data. These presentations not only inspired the audience but also set a professional and forward-looking tone for the summit.

On the same day, JuCoin signed strategic partnership agreements with Com2000 and Port3Network. As a decentralized supercomputing service platform focusing on global market expansion, JuCoin's global influence is expected to further rise with this strategic partnership. This agreement is anticipated to elevate JuCoin's collaboration with Com2000 and Port3Network to new heights globally.

A roundtable forum titled "Is AI+DePIN the Blockchain Trend of This Year?" followed, where experts and industry leaders had in-depth discussions. They explored the latest developments and future trends of AI+DePIN in the blockchain industry from various perspectives, sharing their views and insights. As the world accelerates towards digital transformation, AI+DePIN has become a fundamental technology driving change across industries. The integration of AI+DePIN can not only promote rapid technological iteration and widespread application but also initiate safer, more transparent, and efficient service models, bringing profound changes to the global economy. 

The forum content sparked enthusiastic discussions among the attendees.

The event concluded with the AIConnect Ho Chi Minh Night, providing a relaxed and enjoyable platform for further exchanges among attendees, deepening connections and promoting in-depth discussions on technology and applications. The entire event ended on a joyful note.

The successful conclusion of this event showcased the innovative achievements of AIConnect and JuCoin in the AI+DePIN field and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. We believe that with the joint efforts of AIConnect and JuCoin, AI technology and DePIN applications will have a broader development prospect, injecting new momentum into global technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

Through this conference, participants in the AI+DePIN field gained a deep understanding that AIConnect not only has a leading edge in technology and applications but also demonstrates a firm determination to promote AI+DePIN integration. Looking ahead, AIConnect will continue to build a comprehensive AI ecosystem, creating more value for users and investors, and leading the innovation and application of AI technology.

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