Vasco Electronics Continues Breaking Language Barriers Through Canadian Expansion

New market launch strengthens North American integration of global translation technology solutions

WILMINGTON, Del., June 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vasco Electronics, a world leader in translation solutions, marks its entry into the Canadian market at Collision, one of the world’s largest tech conferences and North America’s fastest-growing tech conferences, held in Toronto. Attendees will see firsthand the impressive in-ear translation and out-of-ear sound through the Vasco Translator E1, of which a demo version debuted this year at CES, making a splash as one of Wirecutter’s “Best of CES 2024” products.

Many around the world call Canada home, with over 8.3 million immigrants, roughly 23% of the population, residing within the country as of 2021, and the immigrant population is expected to rise an additional 10% by 2041. Not only is Canada becoming more diverse at home, but its citizens are seeking out new travel experiences as well, with research showing trips abroad growing in popularity by nearly 35% year over year in 2023. With cultures and communities coming together, now is the ideal time for Vasco to expand its footprint and brand awareness throughout North America.

Vasco’s innovative technology allows users to communicate with one another through its translators, connecting 90% of the world’s population through the power of language. New to the market is the Vasco Translator E1, connecting the power of the V4 handheld translator with the comfort of the mobile-friendly earbud and AI-supported translation models. With access to 108 language translations, a lifetime of internet connectivity, and hands-free in-ear translation, the world is accessible like never before. Travel, work, learn, and improve communication with the help of Vasco.

“Our translation products continue to modernize and expand with our geographical influence,” said Vasco Electronics founder and CEO, Maciej Góralski. “It is our goal to continue being a reliable partner in one's business, travel, and life experiences and we hope Canadian consumers see the value our products bring as must-haves wherever their life takes them around the world.”

To learn more about Vasco Electronics please visit and follow on Facebook and Instagram @VascoTranslator. Additional details on Vasco Electronics, including images and a fact sheet, can be found here.

About Vasco Electronics:
With a mission in mind of providing everyone with a tool to communicate, Vasco Electronics has been a leader in manufacturing innovative translation technology for nearly 20 years. The latest devices from Vasco Electronics allow people from different countries and cultures to speak not only to each other, but also communicate effectively and accurately, transcending language barriers. Vasco Electronics can be found around the world in 20 countries and 4 continents. For more information, visit and follow Vasco Electronics on Facebook and Instagram @VascoTranslator.

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