Auradine Partners with CPower and Voltus to Enable Rapid Energy Demand Response and Grid Stability Through EnergyTune™ Technology

Through these strategic partnerships, the company continues to enable Bitcoin miners with demand-response solutions for sustainable energy optimization

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Auradine, a leading provider of next-generation internet infrastructure solutions for blockchain and GenAI, announced partnerships with CPower Energy (“CPower”) and Voltus, national leaders in distributed energy resources management and virtual power plants, to enable rapid energy demand and price response to support a sustainable electricity ecosystem.

The partnerships leverage Auradine’s patent-pending EnergyTune™ technology, enabling Bitcoin miners to rapidly curtail their energy consumption during peak consumer demand times and increase production when the grid experiences surplus. This contributes to energy ecosystem resilience by dynamically matching demand with supply, further ensuring grid stability. Through these partnerships and its highly efficient semiconductor chips, Auradine continues its focus on designing a sustainable Bitcoin mining ecosystem that can be deployed in places that have traditionally been labeled as inhospitable for data-center-scale technologies.

“Auradine's partnership with CPower and Voltus marks a significant advancement in the integration of demand response capabilities within the Bitcoin mining industry,” said Rajiv Khemani, co-founder and CEO of Auradine. “Our EnergyTune™ technology swiftly empowers miners to adjust their energy consumption based on real-time grid needs, enhancing operational efficiency and grid stability. This collaboration highlights our dedication to fostering sustainable practices and innovative energy management in the blockchain sector."

Auradine's innovative technology offers several key benefits for Bitcoin miners, including:

  • Rapid energy demand response: Miners can participate in programs offered by local power grid operators to reduce energy consumption during high-demand periods, providing an additional revenue stream.
  • Energy pricing response: Miners can sell energy back to the electrical grid when the spot price is higher than the contracted energy price.
  • Operational flexibility and sustainability advancements: The rapid adjustment of mining hashing output enables miners to optimize their energy usage based on their operational needs.

"As the nation’s largest portfolio of flexible virtual power plant capacity, including hundreds of megawatts of mining sites across the country, we are advancing towards a more sustainable future by unlocking the full potential of distributed energy resources in collaboration with Auradine, who shares our vision of pursuing a flexible, clean, and dependable energy future,” said Glenn Bogarde, Senior Vice President – Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience, CPower.

Auradine owns the entire technology stack — from firmware to software and hardware — demonstrating its capability to innovate and maintain high performance and integration in the energy and Bitcoin mining sectors. This innovative approach to infrastructure management and deployment reduces dependence on third-party components, saving time, energy, and capital.

"We are pleased to have Auradine as our first direct OEM partner. This partnership provides our current and future customers an integration to accurately and quickly respond to grid events,” said Neil Lakin, Voltus's Chief Technology Officer.

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