Psychemedics Unveils Inaugural Insights Report: Revealing Drug Trends Through Hair Testing

DALLAS, June 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Psychemedics Corporation (NASDAQ: PMD), a global leader in hair testing for drugs of abuse, proudly presents its inaugural Insights Report. This groundbreaking report offers a comprehensive analysis of drug trends in the workplace, drawing insights from a vast dataset of hair samples collected and analyzed in 2023.

As pioneers in the field of hair testing, Psychemedics collected hundreds of thousands of hair samples from individuals across diverse industries and regions. Leveraging advanced analytical techniques, the Psychemedics team meticulously analyzed these samples to detect a wide range of drugs and metabolites, forming the foundation of the insights.

The 2024 Insights Report serves as a testament to the efficacy and advantages of hair testing as the premier method for employment drug screening. It highlights key findings and trends, including:

  • Positive Rate for Drugs Tested: An overall positive rate of 9.5% underscores the significant presence of drug use in the workplace.
  • Trend Over 5 Years: Over the past five years, our analysis revealed a notable 23% increase in positive drug test rates across various industries.
  • Marijuana, Cocaine, and Opiates: These substances maintained a notable presence, with marijuana being the most commonly detected.
  • Rising Trend in Fentanyl: An alarming increase in fentanyl presence over the last couple of years emphasizes the urgency for targeted interventions and testing.

“In our inaugural report, Psychemedics is proud to unveil a comprehensive analysis of workplace drug use trends,” stated Brian Hullinger, President and Chief Executive Officer at Psychemedics. “As an industry leader in hair testing, Psychemedics remains committed to advancing the field of drug testing and providing innovative solutions to create safer and more productive workplaces.”

The 2024 Psychemedics Insights Report serves as a vital resource for employers, policymakers, and stakeholders seeking to understand and address the complex challenges posed by drug use in the workforce. To access the full report and learn more about Psychemedics’ pioneering hair testing solutions, visit

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