Urgently Drives Higher-Quality Customer Outcomes for Roadside Assistance with Launch of Next-Generation Yield-Based Pricing

AI-driven, predictive and location-aware capabilities deliver network pricing and customer quality insights that help Urgently’s customer partners optimize their roadside assistance programs.

VIENNA, Va., June 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Urgent.ly, Inc. (Nasdaq: ULY) (“Urgently”), a U.S.-based leading provider of digital roadside and mobility assistance technology and services, today announced the launch of next-generation yield-based pricing across its Service Provider Network. This AI-driven dynamic pricing technology makes it possible to reliably predict and optimize job prices for roadside assistance services, leading to higher-quality customer outcomes. Real-time yield-based pricing allows Urgently to better manage surges in roadside assistance demand, similar to surge pricing used by ride-hail services.

Insights and predictive pricing empower Urgently’s customer partners to build roadside assistance programs that best fit their business goals, such as:

  • Maximizing performance while maintaining a stable cost structure
  • Balancing performance and cost by market
  • Increasing performance by market or job attribute, such as a premium/VIP program

A combination of machine learning, location aggregation and micro-targeting by make, model and custom markets, delivers actionable insights into network pricing based on geographic location, population density, time of day, service quality and other location-based data. This premium level of end-user targeting helps Urgently’s customer partners optimize their roadside assistance programs.

Urgently’s proprietary pricing technology enables increased job acceptance and digital engagement with service providers, and significant improvement in annual performance metrics for customer partners.

“At Urgently, we believe roadside assistance is a brand-defining opportunity for our customer partners, and this is why our data and engineering teams continually look for ways to apply technology to advance the roadside experience,” said Matt Booth, Chief Executive Officer, Urgently. “We believe the advanced data analytics of our yield-based pricing technology leads to faster job acceptance by service providers, resulting in higher-quality outcomes that align with our customer partners’ brand-defined goals for customer experience – whether VIP, five-star or white-glove.”

Efficiently & Purposefully Engineered

Traditional roadside assistance job pricing models use county, zip code and basic trading area (BTA) data to determine pricing. Urgently’s yield-based technology takes job pricing to a new level with hexagonal location aggregation.

Urgently’s yield-based pricing technology has been efficiently and purposefully engineered, in part, by leveraging Uber’s proven, open-source H3 Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index. H3 is a grid system for efficiently optimizing ride pricing, dispatches, and for visualizing and exploring spatial data. Urgently’s high-yield pricing technology uses H3 to analyze geographic information to set dynamic, reliably predictive, roadside assistance job prices and optimize dispatching. Hexagon-based location aggregation makes it possible to uniformly scale up and down dispatch areas.


Urgently’s yield-based pricing is currently being deployed nationwide across its network of service providers. Initially available for tire changes, battery jump starts, auto lockouts, fuel delivery and towing services, Urgently expects to expand its yield-based pricing technology to additional roadside assistance services in the future.

For more information about Urgently’s roadside and mobility assistance solutions visit https://www.geturgently.com/industry-solutions.

About Urgently
Urgently is focused on helping everyone move safely, without disruption, by safeguarding drivers, promptly assisting their journey, and employing technology to proactively avert possible issues. The company’s digitally native software platform combines location-based services, real-time data, AI and machine-to-machine communication to power roadside assistance solutions for leading brands across automotive, insurance, telematics and other transportation-focused verticals. Urgently fulfills the demand for connected roadside assistance services, enabling its partners to deliver exceptional user experiences that drive high customer satisfaction and loyalty, by delivering innovative, transparent and exceptional connected mobility assistance experiences on a global scale. For more information, visit www.geturgently.com.

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