Quali Simplifies Infrastructure as Code with Artificial Intelligence to Automate Orchestration of Application Environments

New AI Blueprint Designer Automatically Creates Environments as Code Based on Prompts for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Modules

AUSTIN, Texas, July 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quali, a leading provider of platform engineering solutions for infrastructure automation and management, announced today the launch of new artificial intelligence (AI) functionality for its Torque platform that accelerates the orchestration of application environments based on Kubernetes and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) resources.

Quali Torque is a platform engineering tool that accelerates productivity and improves efficiency by providing a simplified developer platform to provision and maintain application infrastructure and environments securely. This process relies on reusable templates—referred to as “Blueprints” in the platform—that define the application infrastructure, services, parameters, dependencies, and security credentials needed to provision those resources and generate the live environment.

Torque’s new AI Blueprint Designer provides an intuitive AI interface where users can describe the environment and configurations they need and generate a functional Blueprint file automatically—thereby eliminating the need to architect and build application environments manually.

After generating Blueprints via Torque’s AI Blueprint Designer, Torque users can benefit from Torque’s functionality as a developer platform for provisioning application environments faster and more efficiently. Blueprint creators can launch—and enable their teammates to launch—environments based on their auto-generated Blueprints via Torque’s self-service catalog, while also automating recurring actions on their live environments and enforcement of cloud governance policies to prevent misconfigurations, security risks, wasted cloud costs, or other unapproved infrastructure.

For example, a user with administrator-level permissions for creating a blueprint may submit a prompt such as:

Create a blueprint for an Amazon EKS cluster within a VPC that includes deployment of Apache and Redis applications within the cluster to ensure high availability, security, and efficient resource management.

Based on the resources in the user’s repositories that match those descriptions, Torque will design the environment and create a reusable template for the code needed to provision it.

This experience expands upon Quali’s mission to accelerate productivity by simplifying and enabling the use of advanced cloud-native technology regardless of expertise or skillset.

Key Highlights:

  • IaC Discovery, Integrations, & Community Assets: Torque users can leverage their existing IaC modules and Kubernetes resources by providing public URLs for their repositories and integrating their ecosystem tools. Torque automatically discovers the resources in their repositories and normalizes them in the platform so they can be provisioned via Torque and used as part of an environment blueprint. Torque also provides out-of-the-box Community Assets—including IaC modules and other Kubernetes resources—that any user can leverage to create an environment blueprint.
  • AI Blueprint Designer User Interface (UI): Any user with permissions to create blueprints can submit a prompt to configure an environment based on the cloud resources which were discovered via their repositories and made available via Torque’s Community Assets. Torque’s AI Blueprint Designer UI provides sample prompts so new users can test out functionality quickly and easily.
  • Automated Creation of Environment Blueprint & Graphical UI for Modifications: Torque automatically creates a Blueprint file containing the code for the resources requested via the user’s prompts, including the infrastructure, services, parameters, and dependencies needed to create the live environment. Torque also provides a graphical UI with a visual representation of the orchestrated environment so users can modify resources, dependencies, parameters, or other aspects of the environment without combing through and updating the code in the Blueprint file. Any updates made in the graphical UI will automatically update the code in the Blueprint. Through this approach, users can create an Environment as Code (EaC) without creating or modifying any code manually.
  • Reusability & Self-Service Provisioning: Torque provides a self-service catalog for all users to provision environments defined in these Blueprints by simply clicking “launch” via the platform. All Blueprints can be listed on a self-service catalog in Torque, enabling administrators to democratize access to run these environments, enforce governance policies, and track usage and cloud costs for the resources provisioned via Blueprints. The reusable nature of environment Blueprints eliminates manual orchestration, while the simplified provisioning process eliminates the complexity so anyone can run application environments regardless of IaC expertise.
  • GitOps Support for Launching & Updating Live Environments: Torque users can choose to manage their environment blueprints as YAML files via their Git repositories, including the ability to run environments and push updates to live environments by committing code in Git. This enhances GitOps by extending the automation capabilities of IaC to complete application environments, including those that are actively deployed.

"This is the future of how DevOps and platform teams will interact with Infrastructure as Code,” said Lior Koriat, CEO, Quali. “For years, the ecosystem of platforms supporting IaC were designed only for experts in IaC tools and cloud platforms. Today, AI and platform engineering principles cut through the complexity to make IaC accessible for anyone who needs to use it. While this approach will undoubtedly make developers happier, the impact in terms of cloud ROI, productivity, and application release timelines will be immense.”

“By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Quali's new AI Blueprint Designer transforms the way application environments are created and managed,” said David Williams, SVP of Product Strategy, Quali. “This innovation not only simplifies the use of Infrastructure as Code but also democratizes access to advanced cloud-native technologies, driving greater efficiency, productivity, and agility across development and operations teams. With these advancements, Quali reaffirms its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the modern enterprise.”

About Quali:

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Quali provides platform engineering tools to help enterprise technology and engineering teams accelerate and optimize the use of multi-cloud infrastructure. Global 2000 enterprises rely on Quali’s solutions to democratize cloud access securely and efficiently by simplifying the experience of deploying application environments and enforcing cloud governance at scale. For more information, please visit quali.com and follow Quali on LinkedIn.

A video accompanying this announcement can be found at: https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/92944f23-f793-4fed-b7d7-bc0e99f768a9


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