Zeros & Ones, Inc. Completes Acquisition of RocketStream, Inc.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 11, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Zeros & Ones, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ZROS) today announced the acquisition of RocketStream Holding Corporation, the parent company of RocketStream, Inc., as part of its growth through acquisition strategy. The acquisition was completed pursuant to the issuance of 48,235,000 shares of unregistered common stock in exchange for 100% of the shares of RocketStream Holding Corporation.

Founded in 2002, RocketStream, Inc. develops technologies and solutions to enhance collaboration, file transfer, and media delivery over any IP-enabled network including LAN, WAN, satellite, and mobile communication infrastructures. The company has developed scalable servers and cross-platform client implementations that support high-concurrency, message routing, and secure delivery of any digital payload over its proprietary protocol. Additionally, RocketStream brings to Zeros & Ones its video-telemetry platform capable of delivering real-time video, synchronized audio, text chat, and bi-directional voice over TCP/IP connections, ideally suited for one-to-many collaborative applications such as corporate presentations, distance learning, multiplayer gaming and interactive television.

RocketStream's UDP-based transport technology, code-named 'Slingshot,' empowers its file transfer solutions to reliably deliver digital data, including files, databases, streams, and rich media, at speeds significantly faster than alternative TCP/IP-based technologies including FTP (File Transfer Protocol), even over intercontinental connections where latency and packet loss are contributing factors.

"Given its ability to address data transfer issues across multiple industries, RocketStream will become the cornerstone on which we will build the company's future," said Mark Laisure, Chairman and CEO of Zeros & Ones, Inc. "RocketStream is a comprehensive technology which will enable Zeros & Ones to begin its mission to bridge digital technologies and new media properties and streamline the value chain from content to consumer." Scott Fairbairn, founder and CEO of RocketStream echoed Laisure: "Zeros & Ones' business model is the perfect fit to RocketStream's intellectual property. I believe the planning, dedication and hard work behind this acquisition will lead to the commercialization of our technologies."

About RocketStream

RocketStream works closely with developers and solution providers to empower their consumer and commercial products with enhanced file transfer, media distribution, and collaborative capabilities. For more information, contact a company representative at (888) 436-1311 or through the company's web site at

About Zeros & Ones

Founded in 1994, Zeros & Ones (Pink Sheets:ZROS) is a new media holding company focused on bringing innovative technologies, media assets, and strategic partnerships together to deliver next-generation commercial and consumer solutions. The company intends to work with strategic partners in the technology and entertainment sectors to locate, partner with, and acquire complementary technologies and media assets that position the company in the value chain from content creation to direct distribution to the consumer. In December 2005, Zeros & Ones was placed under new management and recently completed an extensive three year audit, bringing the company's filings current through December 31, 2005. It intends to apply for relisting status on the OTC Bulletin Board.

This news release contains forward-looking statements, including but not limited to, those that refer to the company's future development plans or operating results. Actual results could differ materially from those anticipated due to risk factors that include, but are not limited to, lack of timely development of products and services; lack of market acceptance of products, services and technologies; inadequate capital; adverse government regulations; competition; breach of contract; inability to earn revenue or profits; dependence on key individuals; inability to obtain or protect intellectual property rights; inability to obtain listing for the company's securities; lower sales and higher operating costs than expected; technological obsolescence of the company's products; limited operating history and risks inherent in the company's markets and business.


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