SimplyFun Offers "Smart" Gift Choices

Direct Seller's Games and Activities Help Children Learn While They Play

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BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwire - November 18, 2010) - The holidays are here again. It's a time for families, celebrations, traditions -- and, of course, gift-giving. If you are shopping for children this year, SimplyFun President Patty Pearcy suggests that you think about selecting a "smart" gift.

Through home parties, SimplyFun Consultants offer board games and activities that are designed to teach important life skills and educational concepts to children while they encourage families to spend important "play" time together.

"The most important gift you can give a child is the gift of play," says Pearcy. "And the best toys and games help children learn while they play. When you find that combination, you have a 'smart' gift."

Pearcy offers shoppers the following 'smart' gift giving recommendations this year:

  • Bank It. In this game, players race to save enough money to purchase a new bicycle, earning money by doing chores and other jobs. The game encourages players to manage their money wisely, demonstrates the power of earning interest on your money, and teaches players to shop for a good bargain.
  • Let's Jet. Children learn about the world around them as they collect points for visiting 90 destinations around the globe. This game develops strategy skills while it teaches geography and world facts. Each game includes a bonus sheet of interesting facts about 62 countries.
  • Pig Tales. Imaginations light up as children help Pickles the Pig get to the castle by moving around the game board, remembering and building upon a fun story. This unique game fosters language development and enhances creativity and memory.

"All of our games are fun to play, but they also introduce important skills and concepts in math, language, science and more," said Pearcy. "And parents appreciate that our games play in 30 minutes or less. They provide a great opportunity for families to interact, have fun and share in the joy of learning."

To set the stage for fun, visit our Facebook fan page and join in our "Let's Jet" contest. Every day, beginning November 29th and ending December 3rd, we'll post a series of hints on Twitter and Facebook about our globe-hopping mascot Tibbar ( as he travels each day to a different undisclosed location somewhere in the world. If you're the first person to correctly identify in a Facebook comment where in the world Tibbar is heading that day from the hints we post on Twitter, you'll win a Let's Jet board game! 

Bank It, Let's Jet, Pig Tales and other SimplyFun products are sold at at-home parties through SimplyFun Consultants and via SimplyFun's website.

For more information about these 'smart' gift suggestions or SimplyFun, visit the company Web site at

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Based in Bellevue, Wash., SimplyFun is a direct selling, home party plan company offering games and activities that make learning fun for children and bring families closer together through play. SimplyFun is an active member of the Direct Selling Association. For more information on SimplyFun, its products or becoming a consultant, visit or call 1.877.557.7767.