Rebecca Fierle, Geriatric Management Policies Affirmed by New Study on Medication Management

New Huffington Post Editorial on Medication Management in Geriatric Patients Underscores Need for Medication Management, Affirms Eldercare Philosophy of Rebecca Fierle's Company Geriatric Management

Orlando, Florida, UNITED STATES

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to a recent editorial from the Huffington Post, the typical relationship between older Americans and the contents of their medicine cabinet might be described as "can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em." The article, penned by physician Richard W. Besdine, affirms that while modern medicine is uniquely effective in managing the ailments of aging adults, they are also rife with potential dangers and side effects, particularly if not managed properly. Besdine's editorial hardly calls for the abandonment of these drugs, instead urging grown children to be mindful of what drugs their parents are taking, or else hire an eldercare company to conduct proper medication management. The Huffington Post editorial also affirms the position held by guardian Rebecca Fierle, whose company Geriatric Management provides just this kind of eldercare service.

Rebecca Fierle, a geriatric management expert with close to fifteen years of experience in the field, says the Huffington report underlines a vital point, which is that even good medicines can be harmful apart from proper management. The article points to blood thinners and insulin injections as medications that lead to many hospitalizations in the geriatric demographic. According to Rebecca Fierle, these medications are often necessary for older adults to remain living and enjoying a high quality of life. Professional caregivers, she says, can play a vital role in ensuring that these medications do more good than ill.

Rebecca Fierle's point is underscored in the Huffington report, which notes that one of the best ways to avoid medical complications from medications is for any side effects or changes in behavior to be reported to a physician immediately. As Besdine notes, caregivers are among those placed in the best position to notice and report these changes. Rebecca Fierle agrees, noting that grown children who take it upon themselves to care for parents are more prone to missing these details, as their attention is split between eldercare and their other work and family responsibilities. A geriatric care professional can often provide a vital service of vigilance.

The Geriatric Management founder goes on to note that an eldercare professional can help to assess the level of watchfulness that is needed. Besdine notes that transitions into a hospital or nursing home are often the times when medication monitoring is most neglected, but a geriatric care professional can help determine whether these steps are even necessary, while also ensuring that consistent levels of medication monitoring are upheld.


Rebecca Fierle is an eldercare professional whose company, Geriatric Management, provides invaluable services to older adults in need of care, as well as to their families. The company arranges for everything from legal and tax guidance to transportation to doctor's appointments, as well as offering professional assessments of the level of in-home care that is needed.



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