Across Oceans Group Announces New Partnership and Sales Offerings With Journalist

MIAMI, Dec. 12, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Across Oceans Group, a successful Consulting firm for Maritime, Cruise Lines, Aviation and Tourism prides itself on 120+ years of combined expertise finding profitable solutions and connecting Corporations, Operators and Vendors. The experts at Across Oceans Group provide a Professional Platform to offer the Research and Analytical Prowess to make important connections between companies, vendors and products that when brought together form a beneficial partnership that can be leveraged for further growth and continued development.

We are proud to announce a new partnership with well known journalist Mr. Barry Vaudrin to offer exposure and media value for our clients, vendors and operators by featuring new offerings to the global industry. Mr. Vaudrin and Mr. Diggle are interested in collaborating with a producer who will embrace the idea of filming a new cruise line television program. Vaudrin says, "The life of a journalist is fascinating, traveling on luxury ships, exploring exotic ports and meeting people around the world is intoxicating. A television show would expose this lifestyle to millions." In January of 2012, Across Oceans Group and Cruising Authority combined efforts to produce a special series of videos filmed during a cruise out of Port of Dubai, Abu Dabi, Fujairah, Oman and an exclusive stay at The Burj Al Arab.

Across Oceans Group welcomes new partners, inquires, questions and product support opportunities from companies that wish to expand and strengthen Cruise Line, Offshore, Maritime, Aviation and Tourism executive relationships by bringing together compatible opportunities. Whether you're a Cruise Operator, Software Technology provider, Airline or you happen to manufacture the next big unique product that could prove useful in the Travel, Cruise, Maritime, Aviation or Hospitality industry, Across Oceans Group has the expertise and know-how to meet your needs. Managing Director, Mr. Douglas S. Diggle, says "Very few successful businesses are built on a highly complex product. Most successful businesses have typically common products that are just executed and done very well." We are proud to announce that one of our clients won the "2012 Cruise Supplier of the Year Award." Our collective efforts drive progressive ideas, global sales and cost saving solutions by adding the most value to our partners worldwide.

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