HubShout Revolutionizes Website Reseller Business Model

Innovative website reseller program delivers high profit and superior product

Falls Church, VA, March 15, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On March 18, 2013 HubShout, a US based SEO reseller and online marketing firm will formally launch its white label website reseller program. The launch comes after nearly one year of research, product development and diligent beta testing to ensure an easy, well-defined website design, development and support process. HubShout CEO Chad Hill explains, "We designed the website reseller program so we can offer our customers a turnkey website design business. Our website resellers will get immediate quotes, expert project management and great looking websites."

The website reseller program is the latest advancement in the progression of HubShout's SEO reseller program. Current HubShout resellers may now offer websites and website support services to their clients. New clients who sign up for the website reseller program may offer the full range of HubShout products to their customers, including SEO, local SEO, pay-per-click advertising, social media and email marketing. All HubShout resellers have free access to HubShout's white label email marketing tool and pre-written marketing content that helps them upsell services.

HubShout's research and years of experience in the SEO reseller space has proven that clients achieve the best ROI when they combine traffic generation campaigns (i.e, SEO, PPC), with a website that is geared toward sales. HubShout's website reseller program delivers a sales oriented website that incorporates measurable calls to action. Website reseller clients have the option to add a blog and other elements that are designed to nurture website visitors and complete the call to action.

All HubShout websites are built using the Wordpress Content Management System (CMS). This open source CMS is SEO-friendly and allows end users to easily update their websites. HubShout's website reseller program is equipped to support any website, whether or not it was built by HubShout's website development team. Through the support program, the SEO reseller can offer the services of adding new pages, graphics, videos and other elements to make an existing website more interactive.

The website reseller process begins with an online proposal builder that identifies the website reseller client's custom requirements and the specific cost of each element and feature. Then, the online PRQ (Project Requirements Questionnaire) in the HubShout proposal tool guides selection of the template, elements and other features of the website. The PRQ gathers essential business information as well as website objectives. Following client approval, the information is submitted to HubShout's web development team and a working preview of the website is built for the client's review. Final revisions are made and thorough testing completed prior to website launch. The PRQ, working preview of the website and a clearly defined sign-off process eliminate the ambiguity that is typical of other website reseller programs.

The HubShout website reseller has the added benefit of access to in-house development and network administration teams, professional video producers, graphic designers and content writers. Furthermore, HubShout account managers, sales support and marketing tools help the website reseller upsell SEO, phone/web lead tracking and other HubShout online marketing services to the website client.

The high quality websites are provided to the website reseller at a remarkably low cost, allowing for a high margin of profit. The markup is at the website reseller's discretion.

HubShout's senior team and developers invest 25% of their time in ongoing system development. Like HubShout's SEO reseller program, the website reseller program will be updated and enhanced proactively.

HubShout is a US based website reseller, SEO reseller and online marketing firm with offices located in Rochester, NY and Falls Church, VA. All services are available to direct clients as well, including SEO, PPC, website design and development, email marketing, social media management, local SEO, and custom online marketing plans. For more information about HubShout's website reseller program or any service, please contact HubShout directly.


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