Nash Holdings, Inc. Seeks a NASDAQ Small Cap to Complete Merger With Our Value

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "Nash Holdings, Inc., announced today that we are forging ahead with a real-life Wall Street underdog story, with our new Company," states Robert Nash. Nash Holdings, Inc. ("the Company") is a Nevada C-Corp with Nash as CEO and President, David Stewart, VP Investor Relations, Paul Johnson, VP and Nick Peters, VP Controller.

About Nash Holdings: Nash Holdings is currently seeking a NASDAQ or NASDAQ/OTCQB Small Cap public company, to complete needed reverse merger. Some negotiations are in process, but the right and correct merger is required. Our goal is to locate the right public entity that currently needs value and complete the needed merger with our Company as the majority owner. We will be anchored with future food, beverage (QSR) restaurants and other future holdings to be acquired, unrelated to food, beverage.

Nash anticipates agreements with over twenty business partners. First in line are business owners with franchisee approvals that include Krystals, Dairy Queen-Orange Julius-Grill N Chill and others. According to recent news from WGRZ in Amherst, N.Y., Warren Buffet (Dairy Queen under Berkshire Hathaway) is pro Buffalo, NY and we are hoping, also other regions  

We anticipate accelerating our "holdings" business model with food, beverage as our foundation, but also, trucking, a suburban airport, motor speedway, ITech, real estate, precious gemstones, luxury travel, film production, sports agencies, import/export, media, groceries and more. View more at:

Nash alleges he was fraudulently and illegally removed as President, Vice Chairman and Co-Founder of Artemis Acquisition Corp., Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc., and related subsidiaries, on July 10, 2013, the day Nash requested the resignations of Peter Iodice, family members, and related parties. This is a real-life American, underdog story, so many are left in total dismay. 

Artemis, Iodice and others are under an ongoing full investigation by the SEC. The U.S. SEC Division of Enforcement has delivered subpoenas to Artemis Acquisition Corp. and others. Nash has been fully cooperating with the SEC, and also delivered evidence to the Attorney General's offices in South Carolina and Delaware. Nash was not involved with the alleged misappropriations in South Carolina, which was always under the control of Iodice and family. 

Nash hired a new controller for Artemis in June 2013, and uncovered alleged evidence of corruption and theft of the investors' monies, business profits of an estimated $2,000,000 or more, by Iodice and related parties. Iodice and others are under investigation by the South Carolina Attorney General Securities Division, which Iodice failed to communicate with Investors and Nash. Also, Iodice, was not transparent to the SEC, Nash and others, of his past convictions. View more on Iodice public records at:

"This is exactly why I joined the Corp. Responsibility Assoc./CommitForum on Wall St. to stand up for transparency to shareholders, especially concerning financials, and then this happens," Nash stated. "A future screen play and movie have been agreed upon but not until we forge ahead and complete the original task at hand, as we always intended." Nash has been asked to share his story in the future by the President of the CROA/CommitForum.

Nash is not waiting for the ongoing investigation to be completed. "We are moving ahead and if, in the future, we are allowed by the SEC or courts to repair Artemis and related subsidiaries, to be placed under Nash Holdings, then we will address that in the future. We have worked three years, struggled, and invested our assets, exceeding our expectations, during the worst economic conditions in recent history, then this, with Iodice. We are not stopping; we will move forward with our new and trusted team."

Forward-looking Statements:

Certain of the matters discussed in this announcement contain forward-looking statements that involve material risks to and uncertainties in the company's business that may cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated by the statements made herein. Such risks and uncertainties include, among other things, our ability to establish and maintain operations; the availability of financing; the company's ability to implement its long range business plan; the company's ability to enter into agreements with any necessary partners; the impact of competition, the obtaining and maintenance of any necessary regulatory clearances; and management of growth and other risks and uncertainties that may be detailed from time to time in the company's reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell securities and does not purport to be an analysis of the company's financial position.



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