Qeepr.com Uses QR Code Technology to Memorialize the Departed

The innovative social media website combines internet and QR Code identification technologies to enable families and friends to create and share a free online memorial for a departed love ones.

MONTREAL, Dec. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The newly launched Qeepr.com (http://www.Qeepr.com) online memorial site brings together the latest in internet, social media and QR code (modern quick response barcodes) identification technologies to provide families and friends with new and expanded options for memorializing the lives of their departed love ones. The social media website goes beyond standard online obituary and guestbook content sites by enabling Qeeprs ("keepers") to setup, share and manage profiles, pictures, family tree, burial location and other memories that can be accessed on the internet or through customized Qeepr (QR) Codes placed on cemetery monuments. When scanned with a smartphone or mobile device, the decorative, durable and removable codes instantly direct the user to the departed's Qeepr profile.    
According to Qeepr.com founder Mandy Benoualid"My personal experiences helped me recognize the importance of allowing generations to remember their ancestors. Funerary and commemorative practices have remained stagnant over time and current platforms are extremely limited. Online obituaries and guestbook content disappear after a year and existing social media sites do not offer the necessary support and tools to commemorate a departed. The only thing visible on a memorial monument is the date of birth, the date of the death and the dash in between. Qeepr allows you to fill in the dash." 
Qeepr.com gives individuals a free and easy way to create and share an online memorial, commemorative services and guest books. Qeeprs can enter a personal profile that comprises the loved one's biography, family information, life milestones, cemetery location and more. Mementos such as pictures and videos complete with comments may also be added by the profile manager or authorized guests. Qeepr profiles can be shared publically or with specific friends and relatives as Qeeprs have full control over who can access and post information to the profile.
Sharing capabilities in Qeepr.com can be used to send and receive condolences that remain as a lasting part of the site. In addition to illustrating the family tree, Family Umbrella tools can be used to keep in touch and make new connections with relatives and others. Anniversary reminders and obituary notifications for the entire network of family and friends can also be shared through the service.

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