IPVanish VPN Partners With Lag Assassin -- Game Online With Assassin Speed

NEW YORK, Jan. 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IPVanish VPN, the world's leading provider of premium, high-performance VPN service, is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with exciting new service - Lag Assassin. Lag Assassin is powered by the Highwinds Game Delivery Network (GDN) and is new on the market as of just last week! While IPVanish secures Internet traffic, Lag Assassin gives online gamers a competitive edge with better ping time no matter what game they're playing. It does this by avoiding the unnecessary traffic paths an ISP takes while running in the background during game play.

Similar to IPVanish, Lag Assassin possesses a Tier-1 private global network without a middleman to add delays or additional distance to where your traffic needs to go. Lag Assassin creates the best route for gaming traffic providing gamers with an advantage to slay their opponents with stealth and speed. Popular supported games include: EVE online, Diablo, WoW, TERA, World of Tanks and many more.

With a 15-year history of network engineering, Lag Assassin works directly with some of the biggest names in gaming. Sign up for the full-featured and full-access service today with a free 7-day trial today and experience the following benefits:

  • Reduce Lag & Improve Game Connection
  • Faster Network Connection
  • Advanced Lag Spike & Disconnect Reduction
  • Endless Connection
  • Runs in Background

For further information about gaming online with assassin speed, visit Lag Assassin.

IPVanish VPN is the world's leading provider of premium, high-performance VPN service. With over 15 years of network management, IP services and content delivery services, IPVanish knows how to move vast quantities of data fast and securely. IPVanish's passion and goal is to bring customers worldwide the absolute best VPN service— the best speeds, the most secure connections, the best technical support and the most competitive pricing available anywhere.



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