Tapjoy Launches the nGen Platform to Help App Publishers Monetize More Effectively by Delivering the Right Ad to the Right User at the Right Moment

SAN FRANCISCO, March 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tapjoy®, Inc., a leader in mobile ad-tech and monetization, today announced the launch of the nGen™ Platform, an end-to-end suite of monetization and advertising solutions designed to help app publishers engage and monetize more users through targeted advertising and customized messages. Mobile apps typically have less than 5% of their users complete an in-app purchase, so publishers have traditionally monetized the rest of their audience through advertisements. In the past, this usually meant serving up an interstitial or banner ad that was intrusive or un-related to the app content or user experience. The nGen Platform solves this problem by helping publishers drive user engagement and make more money by delivering contextually relevant advertisements at the right moment in the app experience.   

The nGen Platform's intelligent, events-based framework gives mobile app publishers the power to serve advertisements that are more closely integrated into the user's app experience. These ads can be video, rich media, full-screen interstitials, Tapjoy's Marketplace or simply a message to the user if the publisher feels it is not the right time for an ad. Using Tapjoy's big data capabilities and user targeting tools, publishers can serve the right ad to the right user at exactly the right time. In beta tests, the nGen Platform has helped publishers to boost ad conversions dramatically, including an increase in Average Revenue Per Daily User by as much as 130%. 

"Our mission is to drive significant value for our publishing partners, and the launch of the nGen Platform signifies a transformative moment for Tapjoy," said Steve Wadsworth, President and CEO, Tapjoy. "By combining an intelligent events-based framework, powerful targeting capabilities and our suite of ad products, the nGen Platform makes in-app advertising a much more valuable tool for publishers who want to monetize more effectively and drive deeper app engagement."

The nGen Platform allows app publishers to determine whether to serve an ad or a user message during specific events or actions within the app experience, such as when a user runs out of currency, after a level has been completed, or when a user attempts to access premium content.  Tapjoy's targeting capabilities allow the right ad to be served to the right user, and to match the ads to the context of the moment.

The nGen Platform also comes with a flexible in-app messaging system that enables publishers to enhance contextual relevancy and boost engagement, conversions and revenue.For example, when a user tries to unlock premium content that is only available through a paid subscription or via in-app purchase, the publisher can insert a message that offers the user the option to earn the content for free by simply watching a video through Tapjoy's Direct-Play offering, which allows consumers to watch crystal-clear, HD videos natively within the application. Publishers can also use the messaging to highlight special content promotions or currency sales to users, and then take those users straight into the Tapjoy Marketplace to complete advertising offers. 

PBA® Bowling Challenge, the official mobile app of the Professional Bowlers Association, was among the first apps to beta test the nGen Platform. Its developer, Concrete Software®, delivered ad engagements and messages during key moments of the app experience such as when a user had insufficient virtual currency to complete a purchase, or when they did not qualify for "League Night." After integrating nGen, Concrete Software monetized three times as many users on Tapjoy's platform as before, while the game's Average Revenue Per Daily User (ARPDAU) increased by 130%. 

"Integrating the nGen Platform was simple and drove a huge lift in our engagement and monetization metrics," said Keith Pichelman, CEO Concrete Software. "It is great to have this type of comprehensive solution where we can more effectively monetize the 95% of our users who typically don't complete in-app purchases. The fact that this is available through one single SDK is a significant win for us as it also cuts down on the amount of developer and engineering resources we need to optimize performance in our app."

The nGen Platform is available through the Tapjoy SDK 10.0, which is available now. Tapjoy will be demonstrating the nGen Platform at the 2014 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco at Booth #1424. In addition, more information on nGen can be found on the Tapjoy web site at www.tapjoy.com/nGen.

A video accompanying this release is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/newsroom/prs/?pkgid=24161

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