Bulletin from Investor AB’s Annual General Meeting, May 6, 2014

Approval of the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet
The Annual General Meeting (the “Meeting”) approved the income statement and the
balance sheet for the parent company, as well as of the consolidated income
statement and the consolidated balance sheet for the fiscal year 2013.


The Meeting resolved, in accordance with the proposal of the Board and the
President, on dividend to the shareholders of 8.00 Swedish kronor per share. The
record date was determined as Friday, May 9, 2014. The dividend is expected to
be distributed on Wednesday, May 14, 2014.

Board of Directors

The Meeting discharged the Members of the Board and the President from liability
for the fiscal year 2013.

The Meeting re-elected the Board Members Dr. Josef Ackermann, Gunnar Brock, Sune
Carlsson, Börje Ekholm, Tom Johnstone, Grace Reksten Skaugen, O. Griffith
Sexton, Hans Stråberg, Lena Treschow Torell, Jacob Wallenberg, Marcus Wallenberg
and Peter Wallenberg Jr.

Carola Lemne had declined re-election.

The Meeting elected Magdalena Gerger as new Member of the Board.

Magdalena Gerger is a Swedish citizen and was born in 1964. Magdalena Gerger is
President and Chief Executive Officer of Systembolaget AB, Chairman of the Board
of Directors of IQ-initiativet AB, Member of the Board of Directors of Husqvarna
AB, and Member of the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN), and of
The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).

The Meeting re-elected Jacob Wallenberg as Chairman of the Board.

Compensation to the Board of Directors
The Meeting resolved on compensation to the Board of in total 9,773,000 Swedish
kronor, which will be divided, in cash and in so-called synthetic shares, as
follows: 2,175,000 Swedish kronor to the Chairman, 580,000 Swedish kronor to the
other eleven Members of the Board not employed by the Company, and a total of
1,218,000 Swedish kronor in cash for work in the committees of the Board.

Further, the Meeting resolved that the Members of the Board shall be entitled to
elect to receive 50 per cent of the remuneration before taxes, excluding
remuneration for committee work, in the form of synthetic shares. Each synthetic
share shall after five years entitle to payment of an amount corresponding to
the stock market price of a share of class B in the Company at the date of
payment. Dividends on Investor shares of class B, during the period up and until
payment are credited the Member of the Board of Directors in form of allocation
of additional synthetic shares. Thus, not more than 4,277,500 Swedish kronor of
remuneration to the Board shall consist of synthetic shares.


The Meeting re-elected the registered auditing company Deloitte AB as Auditor of
the Company for the period until the end of the Annual General Meeting 2015.
Deloitte AB has informed that the Authorized Public Accountant Thomas Strömberg
will continue as the auditor in charge for the audit.

Guidelines for Salary and Other Remuneration

The Meeting approved the Board of Directors’ proposal regarding guidelines for
salary and other remuneration for the President and other Members of the
Management Group. The guidelines substantially accords with what was determined
at the Annual General Meeting in 2013.

Long-term Variable Remuneration Program

The Meeting approved the scope and key principles of the long-term variable
remuneration program for the Management Group and other employees for 2014,
consisting of a Stock Matching Plan and a Performance-Based Share Program which
are connected to Investor shares of class B.

According to the Stock Matching Plan, all employees, who choose to participate
in the program, for each share that qualifies for participation in the Stock
Matching Plan (“Participation Share”) will receive two options (“Matching
Options”) and a right to purchase one Investor share (“Matching Share”). The
Participation Share may either be a share that the employee already owns or a
share which is acquired during a period following the disclosure of Investors
first interim report for 2014 as resolved upon by the Board of Directors
(“Measurement Period”). The average volume weighted payment price for the
Investor share during the Measurement Period is referred to as the
“Participation Price”. The Matching Share can, after a three-year vesting
period, be acquired for 10 Swedish kronor during a four-year period. During the
same period, each Matching Option entitles the holder to purchase one share at
an exercise price corresponding to 120 per cent of the Participation Price.

According to the Performance-Based Share Program, Senior Management, after a
three-year vesting period, has the right during four years to acquire shares
(“Performance Shares”) at a price corresponding to 50 per cent of the
Participation Price conditional upon that the total return on the Investor
shares exceeds a certain level. The annual total return (including reinvested
dividends) is measured quarterly during the vesting period and must exceed the
interest on 10-year government bonds with more than 10 percentage points in
order for Senior Management to be entitled to acquire the maximum number of
Performance Shares, which preliminary has been allotted to the respective Senior

The allotment of Matching Shares, Matching Options and Performance Shares to an
employee is also related to the employee’s position and is based on the
employee’s fixed cash salary.

Assuming a Participation Price of 200 Swedish kronor, the highest number of
shares which can be acquired by the employees as a result of the Matching
Options will be 160,000. The highest number of Matching Shares that the
employees can have the right to acquire, including estimated remuneration for
dividends, amounts to 105,000. The highest number of Performance Shares that
Senior Management can have the right to acquire, including estimated
remuneration for dividends, amounts to 555,000. The highest number of shares
that can be acquired under the long-term variable remuneration program is
dependent upon the Participation Price and can thus increase or decrease.

The costs for the 2014 long-term variable remuneration program as shown on the
income statement is based on the accounting principles in accordance with IFRS-2
and amounts, with a Participation Price of 200 Swedish kronor and full
participation, to approximately 22 million Swedish kronor for the Stock Matching
Plan and approximately 22 million Swedish kronor for the Performance-Based Share
Program. Estimated costs for social security charges are included in these

Purchase and Transfer of the Company’s Own Shares

The Meeting authorized the Board, for the time until the annual general meeting
of 2015, to decide on the purchase and transfer of the Company’s own shares of
class A and class B, in order to give the Board wider freedom of action in their
work with the Company’s capital structure, to enable transfer of own shares
under the long-term variable remuneration program, and to secure the costs,
including the social security payments, in connection with the said program and
with the allocation of synthetic shares as part of the remuneration to the Board
of Directors.

The Meeting further resolved that transfer of own shares of class B in the
Company shall be possible to employees participating in the long-term variable
remuneration program 2014. A maximum of 1,100,000 shares or the higher number
that may follow from a recalculation because of a split, bonus issue or similar
action may be transferred. Transfer of own shares to employees shall be possible
during the period and at the prices which employees are entitled to purchase
shares under the program. The Company currently holds 6,041,105 own B-shares.

Shareholder Aktiebolagstjänst Leif Malmborg AB

The Meeting declined the shareholder Aktiebolagstjänst Leif Malmborg AB’s
proposal that the Annual General Meeting shall consider whether Investor shall
go into liquidation.

Statutory Board Meeting
At the statutory meeting of the Board, held in conjunction with the Meeting, the
following Members of the Board were elected to the Remuneration Committee: Jacob
Wallenberg (Chairman), O. Griffith Sexton and Lena Treschow Torell. The
following Members of the Board were elected to the Audit Committee: Sune
Carlsson (Chairman), Grace Reksten Skaugen, Jacob Wallenberg and Peter
Wallenberg Jr. The following Members of the Board were elected to the Finance
and Risk Committee: Grace Reksten Skaugen (Chairman), Gunnar Brock and Jacob

At the statutory meeting, the Board approved, in accordance with the
recommendation of the Nomination Committee, to, as in 2013, establish a policy
pursuant to which the Members of the Board, that do not already have such
holding, are expected to, over a five year period, acquire an ownership in
Investor shares (or a corresponding exposure to the Investor share, for example
in synthetic shares) with a market value which is expected to correspond to at
least one year board remuneration, before taxes, excluding remuneration for
committee work.

The Board of Directors

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