More Canadian Internet Users Choose to Use for Anonymous Browsing Online

TORONTO, Aug. 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, a global DNS proxy and anonymous web browsing service, has just celebrated a huge spike in Canadian internet users choosing to use their sophisticated network of proxy servers to anonymously browse content online. Smart DNS Proxy is the new world-wide internet proxy service which was recently introduced by data encryption specialists, Global Stealth Inc. who have been providing global internet security, and anonymity services online since 1995.

Efe Cakinberk, the CEO of, recently released a statement saying, "We are extremely happy to announce that Canadians are now among the top 3 Countries choosing to use our sophisticated Smart DNS Proxy Server network to watch regional blocked content abroad and anonymously browse websites online."

Smart DNS Proxy was initially introduced by Global Stealth Inc. as the superior solution for internet users to access Geo-blocked websites and watch regional blocked content while living or traveling abroad. However, Smart DNS Proxy's complex network of international proxy servers is also proving to be very popular among Internet users who wish to remain totally anonymous while browsing certain websites online.

The CEO has attributed the fast rising success of his company's new Smart DNS Proxy service in countries such as Canada because provides a secure portal for people to anonymously use the Internet. " differs greatly from most of our competitors online as we do not log the traffic moving through our proxy servers for promotional purposes. Most of our direct competitors online such as the Google DNS service will keep a log of what you are doing online when sending information through their network, in order to promote other products and services from a 3rd party advertiser. Smart DNS Proxy does not promote other products or services and does not need to keep logs of what you are doing online when sending information through our global network of proxy servers," said the CEO.

The creators of have expressed that the company's main focus moving forward is to provide all internet users with the absolute best and most secure option for anonymously streaming regional blocked content online. "The general public have expressed to us their worrying concerns about larger corporations such as Google who continually choose to monitor people's online activity in order to sell specific products. We also understand these concerns and have specifically designed the Smart DNS Proxy server network to not keep logs of what our customers are choosing to do online, in order to protect their online privacy," stated the CEO.

Smart DNS Proxy is a secure DNS Proxy service to unblock websites, global video & music streaming services. Smart DNS Proxy is a brand of Global Stealth Inc. There are numerous fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, BP, Shell trusting Global Stealth Inc. brands and products to keep their work force secure and encrypted on the net.


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